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25 Aug 2017 0

The Must-Know Tips for Concrete Cutting with Precision

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Concrete cutting involves controlled drilling, sawing and the removal of concrete. Skilled workers have the expertise of cutting through the concrete with special saws accurately. Effective and precise concrete cuts can be achieved with the right planning, knowledge, expertise, and execution. Concrete cuts are essential for many projects and here are suggestions for ensuring your saw gives top-notch quality cuts. Right Choice of Equipment For effectively carrying out the task

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Al Asad, Iraq (May 12, 2005) Ð U.S. Navy Builder 1st Class William White, assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Two Four (NMCB-24), uses a concrete saw to prepare an airfield runway expansion joint trench for repair, at the air base in Al Asad, Iraq. The Seabees of NMCB-24 are currently engaged in a massive airfield runway restoration at the airbase in Al Asad, Iraq. Two and a half miles of the baseÕs runways are being repaired, which will dramatically increase the baseÕs capability for air traffic and operations. U.S. Navy photo by Journalist 1st Class Mark H. Overstreet (RELEASED)
31 Jul 2017 0

Diamond Ring Saws: Effective, Affordable and Fast Concrete Cutting Tools

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Diamond ring saws are an extremely effective concrete cutting tool widely used by contractors to make small openings into walls for windows, doorways, lifts or ventilation. They are also commonly used to enlarge existing openings, when accuracy and depth of the cuts are primary requirements. Diamond ring saws can make more precise and deeper cuts than other hand saws. These saws are handheld diamond cutting system that runs on hydraulic

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29 Jun 2017 0

Diamond Drilling: How Does It Work

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Diamond drilling is one of the most widely used core drilling methods used by professional contractors in today’s time. In this technique, the operator uses a rotary drill with diamond bits that are mounted in a manner that helps create accurate holes in hard structures. The industrial grade diamonds can easily pierce through concrete, metal, asphalt and any other substance that are extremely difficult to cut through otherwise. Using these

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