29 Jun 2017 0

Diamond Drilling: How Does It Work

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Diamond drilling is one of the most widely used core drilling methods used by professional contractors in today’s time. In this technique, the operator uses a rotary drill with diamond bits that are mounted in a manner that helps create accurate holes in hard structures. The industrial grade diamonds can easily pierce through concrete, metal, asphalt and any other substance that are extremely difficult to cut through otherwise. Using these

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Concrete Saw Cutting
31 May 2017 0

Useful Tips for Quality Concrete Saw Cutting

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There are plenty of reasons why one would need to perform concrete cutting. For instance, if they need to remove excess area, add stress joints in existing structure, remodel the patio, demolish the structure or they need HVAC installation. Concrete cutting is one of the most common and consistent requirement in the construction industry. But it isn’t any amateur’s job to perform concrete cutting with great deal of accuracy and

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Concreate saws
29 Apr 2017 1

6 Must Follow Safety Tips While Using Concrete Saws

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As a construction worker if you are a part of a construction project wherein you have to carry out concrete cutting and drilling services, then you must have the proper knowledge of how to use your tools. Whether you talk about using a concrete saw or a core drilling machine, you have to be aware of all the safety measures, to carry out your work safely. It’s never that easy

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