16 Jul 2018 0

Ways to Prevent The Risks Involved in Concrete Cutting & Drilling Projects

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It is no wonder that the workers on the construction site are exposed to several types of risks. These experts are well aware of all the potential risk factors and that is why they adopt every sort of measure to keep the accidents at bay. The heavy power tools that are used for concrete cutting and drilling purpose are very dangerous. Proper attention must be paid while working with these

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Construction Dust
27 Feb 2018 0

Diseases Caused By Inhaling Construction Dust & Ways To Tackle Them

The dust produced at the construction sites lead to several respiratory diseases which eventually claim the lives of a wide range of workers across the globe. Since the demand for new houses, commercial buildings, and structures like bridges and flyovers is increasing day by day, it’s very important to ensure safety to construction workers from dust to improve their quality of life. Whether you talk about fresh construction projects or

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26 Dec 2017 0

Here’s Why You Should Use Stitch Drilling for Creating Precise Openings

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The construction industry is growing at a rapid speed across the world, and that’s largely due to the acceptance and implementation of right tools and techniques by the building professionals. Gone are the days, when cutting-edge tools were far from the reach of building professionals because of which they had to carry out a lot of work manually. Earlier it used to be a great burden for them to carry

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