17 Apr 2018 0

Popular Controlled Demolition Techniques & Their Significance

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The demand for controlled demolition techniques is growing day by day because they are way too advantageous when compared to traditional demolition methods. Demolition is the process of breaking down a structure, therefore it’s important that advanced tools and techniques are used in it, otherwise, it can prove to be dangerous for the workers as well the surrounding buildings. So, whether you are demolishing a structure because it’s too old

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Construction Dust
27 Feb 2018 0

Diseases Caused By Inhaling Construction Dust & Ways To Tackle Them

The dust produced at the construction sites lead to several respiratory diseases which eventually claim the lives of a wide range of workers across the globe. Since the demand for new houses, commercial buildings, and structures like bridges and flyovers is increasing day by day, it’s very important to ensure safety to construction workers from dust to improve their quality of life. Whether you talk about fresh construction projects or

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21 Oct 2016 0

Top Benefits of Brokk’s Robot Demolition Highlighted

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What is Brokk Demolition Brokk demolition is a remote-controlled robotic demolition technique which allows you deconstruct structures and buildings in the most effective and safest manner. These robotic demolition machines can easily reach out to areas that would have been difficult to access while using those traditional deconstruction techniques. These remotely operated demolition robots come with many different attachments including loading buckets, hydraulic jaws and concrete milling heads that make

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