Floor Polishing
29 Oct 2018 0

Why Hire Concrete Floor Polishing Services From CA Drillers

Written by Category Floor Preparation

For improved reflectivity and less maintenance, it's essential to polish your concrete floors. Polished concrete floors are not only easier to clean, but they are also highly durable. And the best part is that when compared to other flooring material the demand for polished concrete is growing day by day because of the simple fact that it offers a wide range of benefits. Concrete is also less expensive when compared

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Construction Dust
27 Feb 2018 0

Diseases Caused By Inhaling Construction Dust & Ways To Tackle Them

The dust produced at the construction sites lead to several respiratory diseases which eventually claim the lives of a wide range of workers across the globe. Since the demand for new houses, commercial buildings, and structures like bridges and flyovers is increasing day by day, it’s very important to ensure safety to construction workers from dust to improve their quality of life. Whether you talk about fresh construction projects or

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Concreate saws
24 Jan 2018 1

5 Key Advantages of Hiring Floor Sawing Services

Floor sawing, which is one of the most popular diamond cutting techniques is used for making straight and precise cuts on horizontal surfaces such as driveways, roads, bridge decks, pavements, and yards etc. So, whether you talk about forming expansion joints or eliminating a damaged part of a pavement you can easily rely on floor sawing services. Floor sawing is a perfect option for making clean cuts on horizontal surfaces

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