Apr 2017
6 Must Follow Safety Tips While Using Concrete Saws

As a construction worker if you are a part of a construction project wherein you have to carry out concrete cutting and drilling services, then you must have the proper knowledge of how to use your tools. Whether you talk about using a concrete saw or a core drilling machine, you have to be aware of all the safety measures, to carry out your work safely. It’s never that easy for inexperienced construction workers to execute concrete cutting and core drilling services because they have to deal with all sorts of bulky equipment which can injure them when handled improperly.

In other words, they must be aware of all important techniques used in concrete cutting and core drilling not just because they have to accomplish their work safely but because they should also do it effectively.

It somewhere becomes the responsibility of contractors to improve on-site safety measures so that workers can avoid harm and injuries.

Here are six important safety tips that construction workers must follow while cutting concrete and drilling holes into hard surfaces or materials.

1. Check If The Machines Are Working Properly or Not

The first and most important safety measure that construction workers should consider is to check the machines. See if the concrete saw or the core drilling machine is working properly or not. If the machines are not functioning properly, they either have to repair them or replace them. A machine that does not work properly can create a lot of problems for them, so it’s better to fix the issue before they begin their work.

2. Don’t Start Your Work Without Wearing Safety Gears

It’s highly important for all the construction workers to wear their safety gears before they start with their on-site work. It means whether you are someone who will be using a concrete saw or a core drilling machine you must put on your safety gears. In addition to that, workers who have nothing to do with concrete saws and core drilling machines but still have to work on the construction site should also take necessary safety measures to prevent injuries.

Some of the most important safety gears which should be used by the workers while cutting concrete include gloves, strong shoes ( which may include steel-toed footwear), ear plugs, and goggles etc. They should also use proper clothes to prevent injuries. Sometimes fatal accidents take place on site when clothes worn by the workers come in contact with the machines.

3. Follow Instructions While Using A Core Drilling Machine

Considering the fact that core drilling machines are designed to create holes in hard materials such as reinforced concrete, masonry, and granite etc, hence workers must follow the instructions provided by the machine manufacturers to maintain proper safety. For example, they should not be using the equipment for any other purpose apart from the ones they are made for. It means you should not use core drilling machine for carrying out any other work apart from creating holes into reinforced concrete, granite and masonry etc.

4.  Stay Away From Dust

Construction worker should follow all the possible procedures to stay away from dust that is produced on site while cutting concrete because that is very dangerous for their health. The dust produced while cutting concrete has the potential to damage the lungs, so it’s important to stay away from it. In order to control the production of dust while executing concrete cutting services, workers should either make use of pneumatic devices or wet cutting techniques.

5. Stay Away From Water While Using Electric Tools

Whenever you use an electric tool, it’s your responsibility to stay away from water to prevent accidents. You should try to prevent short circuits to avoid greater problems, so stay away from water while using an electric tool.

6.  Don’t Let Anything Distract You

If you are cutting concrete with your tool, make sure never allow anything to distract you, as that can lead to accidents. For example, if you are using a concrete saw, make sure that you do not start talking to a fellow worker or attend a phone call, as that can lead to a fatal accident. so prevent distractions, otherwise, you may end up injuring yourself from the machine.

Last but not the least, concrete cutting and core drilling contractors must have a proper idea on how to use their tools to avoid the risk of getting injured.

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