Diamond Core Drilling

Concrete Diamond Drilling
Concrete Diamond Drilling is one of the most  effective and fastest methods of core drilling  where operators use top-notch diamond drill bits  to  create holes and openings with meticulous  details.

Diamond drill parts are considered the best tools for  creating clean and precise holes on an array of  materials such as metal, concrete, glass and brick.

Concrete Diamond Drilling is a perfect way of  creating holes on concrete structures and other  materials with diameters between 8mm to 15mm.

Benefits of Diamond Drilling

  • One of the biggest advantages of Diamond  Drilling is that it’s a dust and vibration free  technique of creating error-free holes and  openings on a  wide range of materials
  • It’s one of the fastest techniques of drilling  clear-cut holes and making accurate openings on  any material while maintaining structural  integrity
  • It allows Diamond Drilling Operators to work  in confined spaces with ease
  • Since no dust is produced while making holes  and openings there is absolutely no health risk  for the operators
  • Since diamond is the hardest material in the  world, it makes it easier for operators to create  precise holes without putting too many efforts
  • It allows the operators to drill holes on both  horizontal and vertical structures between  8mm to 1500mm diameters

Diamond Stitch Drilling Techniques

A Stitch Drilling method involves drilling holes linked together to form openings in walls or slabs. This operation is mainly used where the depths of  the structure exceeds the limits of conventional  saw or wire cutting. We are able to stitch drill to form any shape or size that is required to complete  the task, whether it is circular, square or a bespoke size that’s required. Achieving depths of up to 5 meters, this element of cutting can be used  to form access holes for pile caps, crane base removals, lift shaft openings and similar requirements where saw cutting is not an option.

Reasons For Selecting CA Drillers

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  • Our diverse team is well versed with the use of  latest tools and techniques which makes it  easier for us to accomplish the project as per  client requirements
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  • We offer inexpensive solutions to our clients  which helps them in saving money
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To maximise health and safety procedures we make sure cores are held in place or supported from below when necessary to prevent hazards to personnel or equipment.