Nov 2015
The 6 Key Reasons Why Contractors Prefer Diamond Drilling Over Conventional Drilling

When it comes to drilling through a hard material with utmost efficiency, precision and cleanliness, diamond drilling technique tops the list. Unlike the conventional drilling methods that used to produce a lot of noises, dust and fumes during the process, modern diamond drilling technique delivers performance par excellence.

What makes diamond drilling the first choice of contractors

In this post, we will see all the benefits you leverage when choosing diamond drilling over conventional drilling methods.

1. Higher Accurateness

The improved precision level is a key reason why construction industry prefers to use diamond drilling for different drilling jobs. Diamond drilling equipment ensure accurate cutting; meaning you will benefit of clean and sharp cuts which will reflect high-quality workmanship you offer to your customers.

2. An all-purpose drilling tool

Undoubtedly, diamond drills can work in all kinds of drilling projects, regardless of the site conditions, restrictions and the type of the material that needs to be cut through. Diamond drilling equipment is compact in size and light in weight, so drilling can be easily performed in confined spaces. What’s more, using these avant-garde drilling machines, you can also perform drilling in area located underwater. Diamond drills are versatile drilling equipment.

3. Unmatched drilling strength

Diamonds are the hardest material we found on the earth. So, it is rare to find any material diamond drilling machines can’t drill through. From concrete, stone, tiles, porcelain and rebar to masonry, diamond drilling machines can cut through any material in the most efficient manner possible. These drills can easily penetrate through any surface and can break apart the hardest of material in your construction project. Diamond drills are also in building renovation and demolition projects.

4. A noise-free work environment

In earlier days, drilling was a noisy, slow and invasive process, which was causing harm to both the workers at the job site as well as the environment. However, diamond drilling, unlike its traditional counterparts, produces minimal noise; the key reason is that these drills are operated at a very high speed, leaving them no time to product any friction-based noise with the material.

The noise-free drilling is a boon to workers and inhabitants at the job site. And this truly matters when drilling work is performed in a high-traffic area like a hospital, school, residence or office; drilling noises can create quite an unpleasant and disturbing environment at such places.

5. Crack-free drilling and cutting

When you use any conventional drilling equipment to cut through materials like concrete, stone, glass or brick, you are likely to see cracks and chips within the structure once the process is completed. Meaning, you will need to invest a considerable amount of time and money to repair chips post-drilling.

However, when you use diamond blades for drilling purpose, you don’t see any cracks or chips generated during the operation. Thus, diamond drilling makes a more viable choice. With diamond drills, you will avoid any kind of repair upon completion of the drilling operation.

6. A Dust-Free Work Environment

As said above, diamond drills work faster and they deliver more accurate outcomes compared to any other drilling equipment available in the market today. So, it is likely that these drills product very little dust and debris during the drilling operation. It will help contractors by saving them a good amount of time they would have needed to clean the mess at the work site. A dust-free work environment makes diamond drilling an environment-friendly choice.

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