Floor Polishing
29 Oct 2018 0

Why Hire Concrete Floor Polishing Services From CA Drillers

Written by Category Floor Preparation

For improved reflectivity and less maintenance, it's essential to polish your concrete floors. Polished concrete floors are not only easier to clean, but they are also highly durable. And the best part is that when compared to other flooring material the demand for polished concrete is growing day by day because of the simple fact that it offers a wide range of benefits. Concrete is also less expensive when compared

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Diamond Cutting
24 Sep 2018 0

How To Use The Diamond Blades For The Concrete Cutting Project?

Written by Category Diamond Drilling

Concrete is a popular building material that offers resilience and strength to the structure. It is a robust substance and is weather resistant which provides a long life to the building. After a certain period, the old concrete is either replaced or removed as a part of a renovation or demolition project. The smartest act is to reuse the concrete in other construction projects. In the cash-strapped scenario, it helps

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Diamond Drilling
24 Aug 2018 0

The Definitive Guide To Choosing A Right Diamond Drilling Company

Written by Category Diamond Drilling

An integral part of core drilling, diamond drilling is used for creating meticulous openings and holes in concrete, asphalt, metal, stone, and glass. It’s the fastest and safest way of drilling holes in robust structures. Operators use high-end diamond drill bits to create precious holes on a range of materials with diameters from 8mm up to 1500mm. Since diamond drilling is the dust and vibration-free technique of creating accurate holes

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