Hydraulic Bursting

Hydraulic Bursting Kent & LondonWe are a leading company in the field of hydraulic bursting and controlled demolition services. We have over 35 years of experience in offering hydraulic bursting and crunching services in London, Kent and rest parts of the country. Hydraulic bursting is ideal for sites with space and noise restrictions.

Hydraulic bursting is a most efficient and safest technique for removing breaking large concrete, stone and masonry structures in the most manageable way. It produces minimal to zero noise and vibration during deconstruction. When accurate and noise-free demolition is required in places like schools, offices, hospitals, supermarkets and homes, hydraulic bursting makes the best solution.

How It Works

Hydraulic bursting involves the use of diamond drilling machines to create holes of different diameters (including 48mm, 127mm and 200mm) depending on the depth and overall size of the structure to be cut. Once diamond drilling is completed, hydraulic buster head is put inside the pre-drilled holes and raise the pressure of up to 2120 tonnes to achieve controlled breaking of the material.

Hydraulic Bursting

The high pressure makes concrete crack instead of getting shattered into small bits, reducing the risk factor. For larger concrete structures that need to be broken apart, the process is repeated until the entire structure is cracked into several small sections. When used with diamond drilling, the non-percussive hydraulic bursting process can remove any large size of the structure in quite, clean and safe way.

Here at CA Drillers, we use shims/wedges to further separate concrete from steel reinforcement. Our powerful and robust hydraulic shears can easily cut through steel reinforcement. We have been using this demolition technique for thick concrete masses, rocks, floor slabs, footing bases, walls, and many other types of structures.

Key Advantages of Choosing Hydraulic Bursting for your Demolition Project

While it is not as fast as conventional demolition techniques, hydraulic bursting offers many other advantages as mentioned below.

  • It is a dust-free demolition technique
  • It produces minimal noise; very little noise produced initially while diamond drill is used to create holes
  • It is non-percussive demolition technique
  • There are multiple power sources to choose from including petrol, diesel and electric
  • The handheld demolition equipment can easily access a confined space and effectively execute the operation
  • It is a vibration-free demolition technique and thus minimize HAVS for operators
  • Noise-free demolition helps inhabitants close to the site location can continue their routine work without any inconvenience or disruption

Why to Choose Us

  • All our field operators are CSCS certified and fully insured
  • We have vast experience and peerless expertise in the niche
  • We offer top quality hydraulic demolition service to nationwide customers
  • We are fully equipped with the most efficient and latest hydraulic bursting equipment
  • Our operators are well trained and skilled enough to execute any complex demolition project causing least inconvenience or disruption at the job site
  • We ensure fast set up and high productivity
  • We aim for 100% customer satisfaction in every project we commit to
  • Our prices are most competitive in the market
  • We adhere to the best of industry standard
  • Utmost attention to accuracy, quality and overall efficiency of work is at core to our business approach
  • Our hydraulic bursting service includes excellent health and safety management during demolition operation at the job site

When you choose us for hydraulic bursting service, we make you benefit from our wealth of experience and expertise into the niche. If you need to learn more about the hydraulic bursting service we offer, contact us today. We are just a call away!

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To maximise health and safety procedures we make sure cores are held in place or supported from below when necessary to prevent hazards to personnel or equipment.