Diamond Sawing

The Most Accurate Way To Cut Through Concrete and Masonry

CA Drillers is a specialist diamond sawing contractor offering a wide range of diamond cutting and drilling services in London, Kent and its surrounds. Diamond sawing is one of the cleanest and most accurate methods to make to cut through concrete, masonry and any other building material for various applications or purposes.

Today, diamond saw blades are an essential tool for the construction industry. Guided by a track, a diamond saw blade is anchored to the structure that needs to be cut or drilled through. Since our establishment in 1981, our diamond sawing professionals, fully-trained and certified, have been assisting construction businesses to overcome their day to day challenges.

Diamond SawingHere at CA Drillers, we use the latest technology and equipment to ensure the job is done in the most effective and efficient manner. Our diamond sawing professionals are capable of creating the right kind of openings or cuts required for your building project. We know how to perform our job speedily, precisely and of course safely.

Our diamond sawing services are ideal for creating openings for pipework, life, doors, windows and has a lot of other applications for construction projects.

Our major diamond sawing services include

Floor Sawing

Track Sawing

Floor saws are typically used to cut horizontal flat surfaces including pavements, roads, runways, bridges, car parks and concrete floor slabs. The method is preferred over its traditional counterparts when the fast pace, cutting is required to make large openings. Our noise-free and fume-free floor saws can cut through virtually any material up to 500mm in depth.

Track Sawing

Track saws are the quickest, cleanest and most precise method to cut openings in walls, floors for fitting doors and windows. Our track saws can cut through reinforced concrete and masonry structures, where confined space is a big challenge.

Wire Sawing

When structures are more complex in design and in the case when a track saw fails to ensure cutting to the desired depth, wire sawing makes the best choice. Wire sawing is typically used to extract large sections through complex and thick structures like columns, beams and bridges. The dynamic and fast cutting can efficiently cut through heavily reinforced concrete.

Ring & Chain Sawing

Our handheld diamond ring and chain saws make an ideal fit for precision cutting work in indoor spaces, or in sites with confined space. These saws are also commonly used in demolition projects due to their compact size and accurate cutting into walls, floors or any other structure.

Deep Sawing

Deep sawing is commonly used in pavement repair work and to create a provision of expansion joints. In this method, special diamond saw blades are used to remove specific concrete sections for repair or demolition projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you serve with diamond sawing services?

CA Drillers have known to be the specialist diamond sawing contractor in the city. We provide our broad range of expert diamond cutting and drilling services in London, Kent and its surrounding areas. You can call us on 08082232670 and our experts will help you out with all your queries.

What are some industries that you serve?

With long years of experience in this field, CA Drillers provide specialized diamond cutting and drilling services to a variety of industries, specifically concentrating on the construction industry. Our diamond sawing services prove to be ideal for pipework, life, doors, windows.

What are some Major Diamond Sawing Services you provide?

CA Drillers contain vast years of expertise in this field and provide you with a variety of diamond drilling services. Our major diamond sawing services include Floor Sawing, Track Sawing, Wire Sawing, Ring & Chain Sawing, and Deep Sawing. Contact us to understand it in more detail with our expert diamond sawing expert.

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