Concrete Floor Polishing

CA Drillers is one of the most reputable companies that offers concrete floor polishing services across Kent and London. We have a team of concrete floor polishing experts, who offer unrivalled services to clients at highly affordable rates.

Our experts are well-aware of the technicalities of concrete floor polishing so they provide excellent solutions to meet your flooring needs. We have access to all the heavy duty tools and specialised machines that is required to execute concrete floor polishing services.

Why Choose CA Drillers To Meet Your Concrete Floor Polishing Requirements

  • We offer high-end concrete floor polishing services for commercial, industrial and residential applications
  • Our concrete flooring experts use all the latest tools and techniques, which enhances their productivity at the job site
  • We use finer abrasives for extended honing to add a high-gloss finish to your surfaces
  • Our experts maintain regular communication with you to create stunning and long-lasting flooring
  • Our experts are well familiar with different levels of concrete polishing, so you can easily get the kind of effect you want on your floor
  • We also offer the necessary instruction’s to you for cleaning and maintaining your polished concrete
  • We offer concrete floor polishing services for both old and new construction

So, if you want to take the look and feel of your floor to the next level, you can hire concrete floor polishing services from CA Drillers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Concrete Floor Polishing cost-effective or just an aesthetic solution?

Concrete floor polishing offers you cost-effective, longevity and aesthetic solution for your residential and commercial flooring. Also, it is highly resistant to water damage that makes it a perfect fit for any environment.

How long does it take to polish concrete?

Generally, it takes 2 to 3 days to polish concrete. But it can defer depending upon the overall area, level of polish and other obstacles if any.

Do polished concrete floors scratch easily?

CA Drillers provides you with professional and expert Concrete Floor Polishing which demonstrates to be highly durable. So, it quite difficult or unlikely to scratch or damage.

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