Jul 2015
What is Diamond Core Drilling?

Diamond core drilling is a more accurate, faster and more efficient method of drilling concrete, masonry, steel and asphalt structures. The drilling technique doesn’t cause any damage or vibration to the surrounding structure. The technique is completely safe and noise-free, making it an environment-friendly alternative for construction contractors.

The core drilling method eliminates the chances of fractures and reduces spalling. With the right diamond core drill bits, you are assured of sharp, clean and accurate openings that doesn’t need patches or any other repair. Instead you can immediately start with the next installation, insertion or any operation required.

Diamond Core Drilling by CA Drillers

Diamond core drilling machines can easily cut through reinforced concrete and rebar, enabling you to get holes of required diameters at desired location. Using a core drill, you can make holes up to 60 inches diameter for various purpose. For example, you can make openings for HVAC installation, and electrical and plumbing work.

Know the design specification of Diamond Core Drills

A diamond core drill is similar to a hole saw. It comprises of a diamond studded steel tube mounted on a rotating shaft. During the drilling process, the core bit’s temperature is controlled with the use of water. And this also helps get rid of dust while drilling through a structure.

Diamond core drilling equipment can cut in both horizontal and vertical directions. They are preferred over other drilling equipment, when circular and more accurate cuts are required. Contractors use core drills to create openings of different sizes. Core drilling is also commonly used method to create opening for routing cables, installation of the load carrying devices or to perform concrete sample analysis.

Key features of Diamond Core Drills

  • Compact in size and lightweight
  • Versatile drilling equipment suitable for diverse cutting applications; it can cut from 10mm to 1000mm with virtually any required depth.
  • Both wet and drilling feasible as per requirement
  • Automated rigs with assured superior performance
    Very little to no noise output
  • A dust-free, vibration-free and non-percussive core drilling technique
  • Diamond core drills can run on different power sources including electric, compressed air powered motor and hydraulic

Learning about the basic core drilling methods

There are mainly two core drilling techniques commonly used by diamond drilling companies. Large Diameter Core Drilling – Also, known as precision core drilling, this technique is used to create holes from standard 10mm – 700mm diameters. Contractors use this technique to create clean and precise holes for ducting and larger pipe installation.

Stitch Drilling

This particular technique is used when you need to make non-standard size or shape of the hole. This is obtained by creating an array of holes in sequence using a core drilling machine. In stitch drilling, multiple holes are made in link to create an opening through a wall or a slab. The method is preferred when the depth of the structure is more than the limit of traditional saws. Using this operation, one can create any size or shape needed, including the standard circular and square. Stitch drilling is commonly used to create holes for crane base removals, create openings for lift shat and for many other industrial applications where conventional saw cutting doesn’t seem to work.

Top advantages of diamond core drilling include,

  • Speed up drilling operation, so cut down on labour cost
  • Precise cutting/holes with minimal, making good requirement
    Eliminate dust; reduce production of debris on the work site
  • Doesn’t transfer vibrations to the immediate surrounding structure, keeping the other are free from any damage during the core drilling operation
  • Lower noise level on job site
  • Lower H.A.V.S level
  • Diamond core drills can cut through the toughest of material, including a heavily reinforced concrete
  • It is cost-effective!

Want to know more about the industry applications, features and benefits of diamond core drilling? If yes, get in touch with diamond core drilling specialists at CA Drillers TODAY!

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