May 2021
6 Productive Tips to Increase Efficiency of Diamond Drilling Process

The Diamond Drilling process is the second name of productivity as drillers and contractors prefer and are interested in finding effective ways to improve productivity. Sometimes, one minor issue can negatively impact drilling efficiency and productivity, and fixing it perfectly becomes essential. Improvement in drilling efficiency can be done by tweaking a bunch of little things. If you are ready to adjust a few things, the result can create a huge difference. 

Here, this article will highlight some of the major drilling productivity tips that are helpful to improve diamond drilling efficiency.

  • Improvement in ROP (Rate of Penetration)

The rate of penetration is a key component to improve the efficiency of diamond drilling in London. By enhancing the ROP, you can find the highest rewards for your construction projects. A good ROP can help to make sure that drilling operations function flexibly and correctly. To improve ROP, you need to find the best and effective drilling parameters to know the types of rock type, condition, etc. The uses of the core bits and crown configuration are necessary to understand the kind of ground. ROP also helps to understand the correct weight, height and type of bit and crowns to get accurate, precise holes or openings. It also helps to adjust waste circulation, rotation speed (RPM) effectively. 

  • Use of Quality Equipment

There is an old saying, “you get what you get paid for”. This quote exactly applies to diamond drilling. Investing in quality products and equipment can help complete the drilling process effectively, and save money by buying cheap and waste equipment. Use of cheap quality equipment or drilling accessories may result in you having to change the core bit more often or drilling equipment breaking prematurely. Cheap and ineffective equipment may also lead to waste time and decrease the quality of performance. So, buying high-quality goods often helps to maintain the quality and reduce the severe impact on productivity. 

  • Extension of Bit Life

As mentioned above, every driller or contractor wants to get as much life out of his bit as possible. In order words, you can make sure that the bit is not destroyed before or at the beginning of the drilling process. Extending bit life can help you avoid damages and run operations to manage drill and improve performance. 

  • Using Higher Crowns

The fewer times you require to change a core bit, the more time you get to spend getting core. Some ground drilling operations need a drill bit with a higher crown that reduces the numbers of times you will require to stop the drilling process. 

  • Use Additives

The use of drilling fluid additives in any construction program can reduce operational costs and improve performance in several ways involving the reduction of stalled drilling operations. Additives can help lubricate drilling equipment, prolong their lifespan, reduce wear and tear and limit rust on rods. It also helps with issues like collapsing holes, dry holes, abrasive and sandy holes. Use of fluid additives ensures that your drilling bit and other equipment get the necessary velocity to be carried easily and flush the rock cutting from the borehole effectively. This also helps reduce wear and tear and limits the friction, and turns cool the core bit. 

  • Regular Performance Maintenance

Inspection of every drilling process becomes essential to get practical and expected results. Examining all the equipment and drilling tools will help you ensure that all the parts work properly and as they have to be. Verify that they are even clean, lubricated and kept properly. Using a degreaser if essential and make sure rods are coated effectively with thread element. 

Now It is Time to Be Organised

Every minute when you are not drilling is the time you are not working on the core. You should be organized and prepare exhaustive lists of everything you require for your construction project. Make sure you use your equipment to get your drilling process done correctly. This equipment could be diamond tools, pumps, wire, crown, fluids and other accessories. It is recommended to get expert advice from drillers and suppliers who provides diamond drilling services in kent if you want to know more about diamond drilling assemblies and categories.



What are the benefits of Diamond drilling?

There are several benefits of diamond drilling. It is safe, effective,cost-saving and time-efficient. Diamond drilling produces minimum noise and does not cause any damage to the adjacent surfaces.

What is drilling and types of drilling?

Drilling is a cutting process in which a rotary device called a drill is used to cut a hole of circular cross-section in solid materials. The most common types of drilling are Diamond drilling, rock drilling, spot drilling, magnetic drilling, etc.

What is diamond drilling in construction?

Diamond drilling is a versatile method of drilling that can be used in a wide variety of construction projects. It is used to create precise and smooth holes in hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt etc.

How dangerous is diamond drilling?

Diamond drilling is a relatively safe method of core drilling. However, the rotating device needs to be handled with extreme care otherwise it can cause injuries or fatalities. Hence it should only be operated by a trained professional.

How are diamond drills made?

Diamond drills are drilling equipment made by strategically embedding industrial-grade diamond bits on the drills. These drills can be designed in various ways depending on the application.

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