Mar 2018
A Comprehensive Guide To Hydraulic Bursting

Hydraulic bursting is one of the most advanced controlled demolition techniques that is used for demolishing concrete buildings and structures in the safest way possible. By using advanced equipment demolition experts can easily break large concrete structures into small pieces without damaging adjacent walls and structures. In other words, it is one of the most efficient and safest methods that is used by experts to execute both simple and complex demolition projects.

So, whether you want to get rid of mass concrete from walls, foundations or pillars, you can use hydraulic bursting for that.

Here’s How Hydraulic Bursting Services Are Carried Out

When hydraulic bursting projects are executed experts create small holes in concrete structures in the first place. These holes are created with the support of diamond drill bits. When the required number of holes are created on concrete structures, demolition experts then insert hydraulic bursters into them. These holes are then expended to carry out controlled cracking of the structure in question. Hydraulic bursting ends up in breaking the structure into small chunks of concrete which can easily be removed from the site. If in case you want to demolish a large wall or any other massive structure for that matter, you will have to repeat this process over and over again until the entire structure comes down.

Hydraulic bursting is a non-percussive demolition technique, and perhaps that’s the reason it’s preferred extensively by the experts for confined spaces. Since it’s such a powerful controlled demolition technique it’s used for demolishing everything from walls, floors, and beams to bridges, foundations and dams etc.

Here are some of the important benefits of hydraulic bursting

Perfect For Confined Spaces

All the tools and equipment that are used by experts for executing hydraulic bursting services are quite compact, so they can easily be used in confined spaces. And since portable tools are used in this process you do not need a large number of workers to operate them, which further helps in streamlining onsite operations.


Considering the fact that only a few people are required to operate the tools, it eventually reduces the labour cost. And when compared to traditional demolition techniques you get extremely good results from hydraulic bursting.


It is a noise-free method of demolishing buildings and structures, so it’s perfect for breaking concrete structures in places such as schools, hospitals, and residential as well as commercial area etc. In addition to that, since it’s a noise-free demolition method, it does not irritate workers performing their task on the site. They enjoy their work, which eventually helps in enhancing their efficiency.


Another crucial benefit of this controlled demolition technique is that it produces no dust, which eventually plays its own role in reducing air pollution. On top of that, it also eliminates the risk of workers getting affected by a variety of diseases caused by dust.

It’s Very Safe

Only trained and experienced professionals are allowed to execute hydraulic bursting services, so they can easily prevent themselves from injuries and potential accidents. In addition to that, the tools used by them are also very lightweight, which can be handled easily, so it naturally reduces the chances of injuries.

Apart from that, it helps in maintaining structural integrity because it does not produce any vibrations.

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