May 2022
A Study On New Uses Of Diamond Drilling In The Construction Sector

Diamond drilling has been identified as an effective technique in the construction industry. It is because of the wide range of applications of this. It is specially referred to as a form of core drilling that uses a rotary drill with a diamond drill bit attached. 

With the help of this technique, one can create accurately measured holes. Diamond being the hardest naturally occurring material in the world, it is best suited for forming openings in a diverse range of materials such as glass, metal and concrete. 

So, conventionally, diamond drilling has been employed in the construction sector to create various openings and holes in concrete and brickwork structures. 

Again, the procedure is a cost-effective and precise alternative to cruder techniques like bursting, which often needs reinstatement after forming any openings. One of the crucial things to note in this aspect is that diamond drilling of smaller holes, i.e. from 6 mm diameters, generally allows dowel bars and anchor bolts to be affixed to structures. 

On the other hand, larger holes up to 1200 mm in diameter tend to provide cavities that facilitate the insertion of temporary support frames and utility pipes into structures. 

A recent study has been conducted on this aspect, which found some the new uses of diamond drilling in the construction industry. We will talk about this in detail in the following section:

New Uses Of Diamond Drilling In The Construction Industry

Presently, diamond drilling equipment and techniques are being utilised to carry out more challenging works within the construction industry. Unconventional applications of diamond drilling are mainly required whenever there is the need to carry out complicated jobs and where there is a lack of any alternative technique or equipment. 

One of the best examples of this involves the utilisation of continuous drilling through soil, clay, brick and concrete to create ducting tunnels. 

As a part of the study, a group of diamond drilling experts were asked to apply their diamond drilling expertise to create two ducting tunnels underneath the foundations of a terraced house. In that case, a recent extension had intended the original breathing holes. It again naturally ventilated the sub-floor spaces in the property covered, leading to rising dampness. 

In such a situation, they dedicated themselves to utilising a completely new application of continuous drilling. It is conventionally employed for drilling through brickwork and concrete with the constant extension of the mining barrel as it drills to make sure that the hole does not collapse. Once done, a solid plastic sleeve is inserted, especially along the barrel length, before removing it. 

In this project, the drilling experts were involved in drilling two holes 7 metres long. The drilling of the holes was mainly done 1 metre below the ground level. Again, the holes were bored from the house’s sub-floor space underneath the new extension’s concrete slab to an opening outside. 

After that, they were involved in applying a unique solution for the cored waste removal. Traditionally, it takes the form of solid concrete tubes. But there was sucking back of the generated soil waste through the barrel with an industrial vacuum, with the mining barrel boring through the earth. 

A Cost-Effective And Flexible Solution To Unusual Issues

The overall success of this particular study clearly shows that the diamond drilling procedure contributes to offering cost-effective and flexible solutions to many unusual issues seen within the construction sector. But, provided it should only be carried out by expert and skilled diamond drilling London companies like CA Drillers. 

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully, from the findings of this particular study, you have got to know how important is it to choose a professional diamond drilling company for the smooth accomplishment of your construction project. Have any further queries or concerns? Feel free to contact our professional experts at CA Drillers today to get the best assistance every time. 

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