Oct 2015
Advantages of Top Quality Floor Preparation

Regardless as to whether it is residential or commercial flooring, concrete still rules the choices. Some of the key benefits coupled with concrete flooring selection is versatility, easy and affordable maintenance, sustainability, durability and longer lifespan.

However, the concrete floor surface gets faded and deteriorated over time. How fast this surface deterioration can take place may vary dramatically based on many factors such as the quality of the surface prepared originally, the floor traffic, etc. Poor maintenance can also cause damage to the floor surface.

Floor Preparation

Dust, grease and other particles can take a toll on the surface adhesion. Stained or uneven floor surface spaces can lead to potential health as well as safety hazards. The Irregular surface can turn out to be slippery.

One of the key reasons why most property owners are a bit reluctant to the floor refurbishment idea is the massive disruption the renovation process can cause at the work site. This matters even more in the commercial and industrial businesses.

Unless there is a property dust and safety management assurance, the dust produced as a by-product by a concrete grinder can reach out to the workforce in the nearby area and prevent them working hassle-free. What’s more, these dust particles can also get over the product stocks or machines.

Dust Free Floor Preparation by the Specialists in this Niche

Whatever your reason for concrete floor preparation – coating, stain removal, taking out irregularities and fixing cracks, repairing surface damage, overlays, decorative floor predation, etc., – the final flooring can be as good in quality as the surface beneath it. A quality surface preparation is crucial for a successful flooring installation.

If you want to create a floor with perfect durable and an even surface with no dust produced during the operation, diamond grinding, polishing and cutting machines can help. Search for a professional floor preparation service provider in your area who specialize in concrete or asphalt floor preparation projects.

The company you choose should have all the latest diamond grinding and cutting equipment along with the required expertise to prepare floor surfaces to meet particular construction needs. The professional diamond drilling and cutting contractors like us use advanced machines to ensure best-quality floor preparation in the completely dust-free environment. No matter how challenging the job is, we can obtain the desired surface level and quality for our valued clients quickly and efficiently.

The floor preparation specialists at CA Drillers use assorted technology and tools to prepare a stain-free, clean, and even surface before the installation of floor toppings, new screed, decorative finishes and coatings. Depending on the condition of the floor, we use diamond grinding, floor scabbler or mechanical shot blasting in the floor preparation project.

We provide floor preparation as a separate service, and also as a part of your full floor preparation and renovation project. We are capable of undertaking work for larger floor space areas and finish floor preparation work within your time-frame.

Are you a construction business in need of professional floor preparation service? Contact us today!

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