Apr 2020
An Overview of Concrete Chasing - Wall & Floor Chasing

Either you are considering a home renovation or managing a construction site, it demands a lot of patience and hard work to manage several things at a time. Many things to look at and ensure that they are on track is not easy. There are various equipment and techniques that make the entire construction process easy and efficient, concrete chasing is one of those brilliant construction techniques.

What is Concrete Chasing?

It is an effective technique that is enlisted for trimming neat channels in masonry or concrete structures known as chases. With the help of a power grinder that contains a diamond blade, these chases are created. This process helps you in cutting two slots with accurate depth and width. After it is done, a small breaker or a hammer drill is used to remove the concrete centrepiece. The whole process is done quickly and the attached vacuum helps in offering a dust-free experience by collecting all the dust.

How Floor and Wall Chasing Works?

Whether it is floor chasing or wall chasing, it requires a hand power grinder which contains diamond blades to cut down the blockwork or brickwork. The blades are perfectly set so that it cuts accurately and sets depth. Parallel cuts are made in proportion to the sockets or cables it requires. It also involves a dust extraction vacuum that will help in a dust-free process. Once the process and cutting are over, a power drill or small breaker may be used to remove the centrepiece away.

Advantages of Floor and Wall Chasing

  • As it contains an attached vacuum collection equipment, the dust is well managed and offers you efficient outcomes.
  • The advantage of floor and wall chasing is that the whole process is dry and does not require a single drop of water.
  • It provides perfect and accurate channels for the pipework and cables.
  • With high floor saws, it is possible to work hard concrete floor slabs.
  • It will provide you with proficient and aesthetic design or decorative requirements.
  • The whole process is clean, efficient and non-vibratory and suitable for a variety of premises and situations.
  • Through this, you can easily chase Floors, walls, and ceilings for any necessary pipeworks.

Uses of Floor and Wall Chasing

For carrying out floor and wall chasing, one can use both abrasive and diamond blades. Through this, it is possible to get accurate widths and depths in concrete, blockwork, brickwork. It will also help in creating chases for pipes, conduit or trunking. Such requirements are typically for electrical and plumbing installations.

  • Wall Chasing

When you need electrical cabling and plumbing pipework, wall chasing is what you require to do cutting in the narrow wall channels. During your renovation or constructing a new home, it will help you in creating conduits.

  • Wall cutting

If you want to install new windows, doors or any other interior requirement then this requires wall cutting of concrete or brick walls. Such services are crucial for building the renovation industry.

  • Concrete floor cutting

If you are going through the renovation of your house and require new conduits then concrete floor cutting is the perfect option to go with.

  • Core drilling

When you need to go for plumbing installation for your home or any construction site, then you require core drilling to create large holes for various purposes.

The above-discussed uses of floor and wall chasing are efficiently showing how important it is for any construction or renovation project. Make sure you go for professional and experienced diamond cutting and drilling specialists to get the finest outcomes.

Wrapping Up

We hope you are now familiar with wall and floor chasing and how it is used primarily for pipes, conduits, and trunking. Whether you consider the benefits of floor and wall chasing or its uses, it proves to be the most efficient technique to get the finest outcomes.

Make sure you always go for professional and expert diamond drilling services to witness premium renovation and construction results. It contains a variety of uses and applications for different premises and situations according to your requirements.

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