Oct 2021
Answering The Most Frequently Asked Questions For Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling is one of the most popular drilling and cutting methods that is widely used across diverse sectors and countries due to its versatility, efficacy, and flexibility. 

The robust nature of diamonds and their ability to seamlessly cut through surfaces makes diamond core drilling a superior alternative to conventional drilling techniques. 

Whether it is concrete drilling, creating holes for pile caps, or intricate drilling jobs in the jewelry industry, accurate results through a speedy and cost-effective process make diamond bit an ideal method for several requirements.  We recently wrote an article on how it has emerged as the black horse of drilling techniques, describing its various applications in diverse industries. 

However, despite its extensive popularity, not many people in the UK, especially industry outsiders, aren’t entirely aware of the technicalities of Diamond drill bits. 

Therefore, to help readers understand everything about this famous drilling procedure, Our Diamond Drilling London experts have compiled this list of frequently asked questions

Everything You Need To Know About Diamond Drilling 

1.What is diamond drilling?

Diamond Drilling is a drilling method where drill bits studded with diamonds attached to the end of a hollow shaft are used to create precise holes on rough surfaces. It is no secret that “Diamond” is the toughest component known to humankind, making it ideal for cutting through hard surfaces. Therefore, this drilling method is suitable for concrete, metal, asphalt, and other materials, which are challenging to work with using traditional drilling methods. 

2. Are real diamonds used in diamond drilling?

Most people believe that the ‘application of real diamonds’ in drilling bits is a myth. However, it is entirely accurate. Diamond drill bits are mounted with natural industry-grade diamonds, but these are far different from the diamonds we are familiar with. 

Contrary to the sparkling and shining diamonds used in jewelry, industry-grade diamonds are equipped with unique properties that allow them to cut through materials, regardless of their strength swiftly. 

3. How does diamond drilling work? 

It is a straightforward drilling technique that offers multiple advantages. While conducting concrete drilling through this method, an operator uses a rotary drill with industrial-grade diamonds to create clean and precise apertures in concrete and other stiff structures. Diamond drill bits can be used both horizontally and vertically, depending on the type of the project and its specific requirements. 

4. What makes diamond drilling better than its alternatives?

Diamond drilling has gained massive popularity in various industries and has surpassed most of its alternatives. Here are some of the reasons why diamond drilling is better than conventional drilling methods:

      • Precise outcomes with minimal structural damage. 
      • It is a flexible drilling method, making it suitable for difficult working conditions. 
      • It produces minimal noise. 
      • Produces minimal dust and debris. 
      • Equipment used in diamond drilling is lightweight and portable. Moreover, they can also be operated using a remote control. 

5. Is diamond core drilling expensive?

Going by the name, most people assume that diamond drilling is an expensive method of drilling. However, this is only partially true. While the operating costs may be a little higher when you opt for this core drilling rather than its alternatives, the speedy and effective results that are achieved will far outweigh the additional costs. 

Moreover, when carried out by professionals, diamond drilling produces minimal wastage and causes minimal damage to the structure, if any. Hence, overall it will save you money in the long run and enhance the structure’s durability. 

6. What is the need to hire diamond drilling London experts?

Even though diamond drilling is famous for delivering precise results with minimum effort, not everyone is qualified to carry it out. 

It is essential to hire professional diamond drilling experts. They will accurately understand your specific needs and have the necessary skills and experience to derive optimal results for your drilling requirements. 

When you engage professional diamond core drilling specialists, they can create exact holes or apertures of any size and shape most efficiently and safely possible.

7. Do you need to submit drilling measurements to the drilling company before hiring them? 

Yes, most companies will ask you about the measurements before agreeing to the job. With this information, they will be able to select the perfect drill bit size for your project. 

Concluding Thoughts 

We hope that the above information will help you know everything you need to know about diamond drilling. Are you looking for diamond drilling services? For more information on this versatile and efficient drilling method, contact CA drillers today and get in touch with one of our drilling specialists. 


What is Diamond drilling and types of drilling?

Drilling is a cutting process in which a rotary device called a drill is used to cut a hole of circular cross-section in solid materials. The most common types of drilling are Diamond drilling, rock drilling, spot drilling, magnetic drilling, etc.

How are diamond drills made?

Diamond drills are drilling equipment made by strategically embedding industrial-grade diamond bits on the drills. These drills can be designed in various ways depending on the application.

What are the benefits of Diamond drilling?

There are several benefits of diamond drilling. It is safe, effective,cost-saving and time-efficient. Diamond drilling produces minimum noise and does not cause any damage to the adjacent surfaces.


Diamond drilling is used for a wide array of applications. The most prominent applications of diamond drilling are demolition,property restoration,construction etc. It can also be used for purposes like installation of plumbing pipes, electric wires and to insert support frames during construction.

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