Jun 2018
CA Drillers is Now Registered with Achilles Building Confidence

In a recent development, CA Drillers has finally achieved Achilles Building Confidence certification, which clearly talks volumes about our services. In other words, we are now a certified supplier of high-end construction services under the Achilles Building Confidence.

Achilles Building Confidence is a highly renowned company that connects buyers with suppliers in the UK. This prestigious certification adds another jewel in our crown, thereby making us one of the best construction service providers in the UK. Our staunch desire to provide the finest quality services to clients across the UK is what brought us here.

A Brief Description About Achilles

Achilles began it’s operations back in 1990, with an intention to address the requirements of the buyers. Initially, they started with the gas and oil industry, but today they have an extensive network of more than 800 buyers and 175,000 suppliers from a wide range of industries. Suppliers certified by them are trusted by buyers like anything because of the simple fact that they offer top-notch services. The company constantly aims at growing its network of buyers and suppliers to create an effective environment to carry out business.

Therefore, achieving the standards that are laid out for the Achilles Building Confidence Confidence is a success story on its own

CA Drillers always believe that the only way to carve a strong business identity in the market is to satisfy the requirements of the clients by offering them exactly what they are looking for. We offer a wide range of services in Kent and London, and each time we deal with a client our team makes sure to fulfil their specifications.

We have always been successful in building a loyal relationship with our clients, and we will continue to do the same in the future by offering them the best services.

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