Jun 2020
Diamond Concrete Cutting - Information & Ideas

The construction industry revolves around concrete and how it is utilized and modified over time. Initially, the wet concrete is used to lay foundations at any site whereas certain other scenarios of remodeling or refurbishment require the concrete to be eliminated from the site. Concrete removal in such cases is done by either sawing, drilling, or cutting it with the help of tools that match the need of the hour. Since concrete is a difficult material to dig into, specialized tools are required to get the work done efficiently. Diamond is the hardest substance on earth and proves to be quite useful for cutting into the concrete. It has been incorporated into drills and saws for clean and precise cuts in concrete.

New Techniques for Diamond Concrete Cutting

In ancient times the workers used to be equipped with jackhammers to carry out any kind of demolition of concrete. This would leave a very unclean finish as well as dusty surroundings. Nowadays there are extremely sophisticated construction tools like a diamond saw and a diamond core drill available in the market. These equipment enable the operator to make immensely accurate and clean cuts and holes in concrete without the hassle of the jackhammer. The diamonds saw are also well-known for the speedy completion of the tasks in addition to its precise actions.

Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling is used for a lot of applications like drilling hole of variable sizes in materials like asphalt, glass, metal, stone, and tiles. The primary use of diamond drilling can be observed for drilling accurate holes in concrete. The drill bits can be used to create large openings for placing ducts, smaller ones for inserting pipes, wiring, for anchoring bolts, or for concrete sample analysis. These drills pose no chance of damage to the integrity of the structure, unlike the percussive drills. Also, there is minimal noise production which adds to the well-being of the operator and prevents occupational diseases.

Diamond Sawing

The construction industry uses diamond sawing on a regular basis. The openings for vents, doors, and windows are cut out using a diamond. The saw is magnificently efficient because it works in a quick as well as accurate manner while cutting specific dimensions. A diamond saw usually comes with a dust collector to keep the surrounding clean and free of dust created during the process. It assists the operator to work on tricky concrete without it cracking due to the inherent brittle nature.

Safety and Precautions

Diamond concrete cutting in any form requires a lot of safety measures at any given time. Following the precautionary steps ensures that the job is done with perfection while not causing any harm to the operator or the project. Keeping the blades sharp and not using worn out or damaged ones can be one of the best tips to avoid any mistakes. Wearing protective gear like eye-wear, gloves, and overalls is a must to maintain occupational safety. The dust and sound while carrying out diamond concrete cutting are much lesser than the usual tools and gears so there is a reduced risk of illness due to that.

A Plethora of Tools for Execution

The cutting, drilling, and sawing of concrete can be executed using numerous tools that have been perfected with the help of technology over time. The tools have become quite sophisticated and can take up heavy-duty as well as tiny millimeter-sized holes simultaneously. These tools are also very versatile and mobile which helps to work on inaccessible corners on the site easily. The construction company keeps innovating and evolving the mechanisms used for concrete cutting for the betterment of the infrastructure.

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