Dec 2019
Diamond Drilling - The Dark Horse in Drilling And Cutting Techniques

Not too long ago, we had published a post on Everything that You Should Know About Diamond Drilling. Diamond drilling is a precise and highly accurate form of core drilling and cutting techniques. It creates error-free holes (ranging from 8 mm to 1500+ mm in diameter) and openings on a wide range of materials. Further, it offers a number of significant advantages over conventional drilling.

One of the top-notch benefits of diamond drilling is that it is free from dust and vibration. Whether it is a removal of crane base, creating holes for pile caps, or making openings for life shaft – diamond drilling is the best technique for any complex drilling and cutting requirement you may have.

A Take On The Preference Of Diamond Drilling Over Conventional Drilling

There is a conception that diamond drilling, a non-percussive core drilling technique, is a costly affair. But, still, one should prefer diamond drilling over conventional drilling owing to the benefits it offers. Efficiency and accuracy provided by diamond drilling are unbeatable. No other substitute technique can reach to the level of accuracy and precision offered by diamond drilling.

Highlights on why one should prefer diamond drilling over conventional drilling:

●Diamonds are considered one of the hardest materials. Due to its hardness, diamond bits can efficiently do boring holes in virtually any material. The diamond drilling technique also does boring of holes with detailed and incomparable accuracy.

●Reverse circulation drilling and diamond drilling techniques are reliable. However, diamond drilling is far more accurate than any of the conventional drilling.

●Diamond drilling is extremely versatile. All thanks to its unique properties like the light in weight, low dust, low noise, and zero impact.

●Since the drill bit is not dependent on the drill, a power source can be electric, air or hydraulic depending. It all depends on the situation and drilling requirements.

●Diamond drill bits perform exceptionally well in drilling holes through concrete. It also excels in doing brickwork to install ducting or electrical cabling.

●Diamond drilling professionals use the drilling tools that are light in weight. Hence, they are easy on pockets when it comes to transportation costs (per weight). And, on job sites, they are easy to manage, owing to their lightweight quality.

These unique advantages obviously indicate that diamond drilling can make a driller’s life easier.

Industry-specific Applications And Use Cases Of Diamond Drilling

This dust-free, vibration-free, and noise-free drilling technique is paving its way in a unique way. As diamond drills offer major benefits over other drilling techniques, they find their applications in many industry areas.

●It is the most-suited technique for the mining industry to test the contents of known minerals, ore deposits, and potential sites.

●In the energy industry, diamond drilling plays a pivotal role in deepwater drilling, aka deep well drilling. Diamond drilling is the most effective way to perform drilling underwater. It is the process of creating holes by drilling rig for oil mining in the deep sea.

●Diamond drilling has found many different applications in construction and industrial industries as well as specialized craftsmen industries, like jewellery.

●The precision, small size, and toughness of diamond drill bits make them the only thing that jewellers use for drilling into gemstones, as these stones are exceptionally hard.

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Final Thoughts – Embrace Diamond Drilling Over Conventional Drilling

The proven fact is diamond drill bits can cut through anything, hence, they are best suited to hard material. Materials that are soft or tender in nature, like wood or metal, are not ideal for diamond drilling. This is because they are soft in comparison, and conventional drills work best in these cases.

Would you like to know more about diamond drilling, its application in YOUR industry, pricing, or any other area? Want to embrace the benefits associated with the diamond drilling? Kindly share your queries and confusions with us. We are happy to help you in all possible ways.

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