Apr 2022
Diamond Drilling Tips: Refrain From Doing The Following

Diamond drilling is a technique mainly utilized to create accurate and neat holes through the most robust materials. It will ensure top-notch outcomes and make sure that the safe and proper usage of the technical machinery occurs. As this is a specialist service, it should always be handled by an expert professional. 

One can use this technique of diamond drilling to drill through almost every material, such as metal, stone, concrete and even reinforced concrete. The use of diamonds (the hardest naturally occurring material) contributes to this strength. Diamonds are generally embedded into the drill bit. 

Another characteristic of diamond drill bits is that it is hollow, thereby allowing water to be pumped through. It helps to keep the point of drilling cool, which ultimately minimizes the spread of dust. Not only that, but it is also well suited for confined spaces.

Due to the versatility of the diamond drilling technique, it is used in many different situations. As this particular method is non-percussive and quiet, it makes sure that the work carried out causes minimal disruption. 

But, there are some critical things in diamond drilling that the drillers should never do; otherwise, it can significantly hamper the overall process. Also, in that case, the driller will fail to deliver the best outcomes. In this blog post, we will focus on talking about these. So, without wasting any further time, let’s begin with the discussion: 

Essentially Refrain From Doing The Following

Below are some of the critical things which you should never do while drilling, as these can result in reduced performance, equipment damage, or specific issues which may suspend the operations: 

  • Never Turn To The Left

Everything that goes down the boreholes is always right-hand threaded. So, it is vital to prevent rotating your rod string or anything else to the left. You should essentially refrain from turning the rod string to the left. If you do this, it will unscrew at the most unpleasant position.  

  • Refrain From Pushing A Block 

You should first understand what a core block is to be clear on why you should never consider pushing a block. Consider a situation in which you are carrying out the drilling work in broken or unconsolidated ground, and the outer tube and core bit advance in the hole. 

In that case, there are high chances of the broken and wedge-like core pieces becoming jammed. It mainly occurs as the core enters the inner tube. You will notice a sudden increase in the water pressure, mainly because of the expansion of the shut-off valves on the head assembly. 

One should never ignore this signal. Avoiding this and continuing to drill can lead to many significant issues. It can cause severe damage to the core barrel components, including burnt bearings and melted shut-off valves. 

  • Never Allow The Pipe Wrench To Touch The Crown 

While tightening a bit, you should essentially avoid having a pipe wrench touch the crown of the bit. Instead, it would help to focus on using an appropriately sized outer tube wrench to tighten a new bit. The core bit is regarded as a precision tool, and so there are high chances of it getting damaged by the drill chuck or a pipe wrench. So, you should essentially focus on it to avoid any significant issues.  

  • Do Not Overlook The Sounds Of The Drill

A good driller may be habituated to listening to the drill rig sound. But, any driller should never overlook the sounds of the drill. The sounds and feel of the equipment, like the sound of your engine laboring and unexpected vibrations, can suggest any significant problem. In most situations, it indicates that there may be trouble brewing. 

  • Avoid Over-torquing Threaded Joints

Snapping the rods together or over-torquing the drill rods while running them into the hole can lead to many significant damages. So, to successfully prevent such issues, you should focus on adjusting your drill rig rotation to the appropriate torque value. 

  • Do Not Allow Extreme Vibration To Occur

Excessive in-hole vibration can lead to premature damage, especially to the bit, the drill rod, the core barrel, and other machine components. One of the essential things to note in this aspect is that it can severely impact the core recovery. So, it would help if you never allowed excessive vibration to occur. 

At The End!

Therefore, the above-discussed ones are some of the crucial things which you should refrain from doing while carrying out the diamond drilling job. 

Want to know more or have any doubts in mind? If your answer is yes, you can contact a professional and reliable diamond drilling London company like CA Drillers. CA Drillers is dedicated to offering you the best assistance whenever you approach us with your project. Contact us today to learn more about our services. 


What is Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling is a core drilling technique used by professional contractors for creating precisely measured holes using rotary drills with diamond bits. Diamonds are the hardest natural materials and diamond drilling techniques are designed to use their rigorousness to pierce through concrete, metal, asphalt and other materials that are difficult to cut through otherwise.

What is Diamond Drilling Used for?

Diamond drilling is used to create accurate and precise openings in rigid structures. It is used at construction sites and in renovation or partial demolition projects.

How Diamond Drilling Works?

In diamond drilling, an operator uses a rotary drill mounted with industrial-grade diamonds to obtain clean and precise openings in concrete and other rigid structures. Diamond drills can be operated horizontally as well as in a vertical direction depending on the project requirement.

What does a Diamond Driller do?

A diamond driller is a trained professional who is skilled in operating special equipment such as diamond drills. They are proficient in creating precise openings on a building site or cutting through rough surfaces in a demolition project, using diamond drills.

What are the benefits of Diamond Drilling?

There are several benefits of diamond drilling. It is safe, effective,cost-saving, and time-efficient. Diamond drilling produces minimum noise and does not cause any damage to the adjacent surfaces.

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