May 2018
Different Types of Mag Drills & Their Usages

Mag drills, also known as magnetic drilling machines are highly versatile drilling tools that are used in steel fabrication, shipbuilding, machinery riggers, bridge rebuilding, welding shops, and power utilities etc. Available in different sizes these tools are selected by drilling operators by considering factors like application, work environment, depth and diameter of the holes, and type of material that needs to be drilled. The selection of a mag drill is also influenced by the drilling speed required for accomplishing a particular task.Used for a number of applications, mag drills come with options like power feed, coolant bottle system, countersinking, multi-speed gearbox, pipe adapters, and arbor adapters. In addition to that, they also come with swivel base magnet and drill chunks. So they are picked by drilling operators based on their requirements. Whether you want to drill a workpiece upside down, vertically or horizontally you can position a mag drill as per your requirements. Yes, they make it really simple for you to drill a hole on any kind of robust metal. And since they come with a strong electromagnetic base they adhere easily to steel surfaces.

You can use these magnetic drilling machines with reamers, annular cutters and twist drills. For example, if you talk particularly about annular cutters they are known for superior hole making capabilities. They not only offer better finish but are extremely efficient and long-lasting. A mag drill can be used to create a hole up to 130mm diameter.

Designed initially for the construction industry, to drill holes in structural steel, mag drills are now used in almost all the industries wherever there is a need to drill holes on robust metals.

They not only provide increased stability and better accuracy but are also very easier to handle when compared to other alternatives.

Now let’s take a look at different types of mag drills

Electric Mag Drills

Since electricity is available on all the job sites these days, electric mag drills remain the first option to drilling operators when it comes to creating precise holes on ferrous metals. Another important benefit of using electric mag drills is that they are lightweight, available in different sizes and are highly compact – which makes it easier for operators to handle. In addition to that, they also come with optional reversible motors.

Pneumatic Magnetic Drills

Powered by compressed air, pneumatic magnetic drills are the best tools that are used in the wet environment. It means if you are asked to execute a magnetic drilling project in a wet environment you won’t get a shock if you use a pneumatic mag drill. And the best part is that you can easily use these mag drills in a flammable atmosphere.

Hydraulic Mag Drills

If you have to execute a mag drilling project underwater, look no further than hydraulic mag drills. Yes, these tools are an ideal option for underwater applications because they come with closed loop power system, which makes it impossible for water to reach the motor.
Hydraulic magnetic drills are not only an ideal option for executing marine drilling projects, but they are equally good for industrial and construction projects.

Here are some of the important benefits of using mag drills

Improved Efficiency

One of the biggest advantages of using a mag drill is that they enhance your efficiency like anything. If you have to accomplish a fabrication, shipbuilding, or bridge rebuilding project within stringent deadlines make sure that you use electric mag drill. They come with high-end hole drilling capabilities.

No Risk of Injuries

Magnetic drilling services are always executed by highly skilled drilling professionals who are well aware of how to use mag drills. And since they know it very well how to handle mag drills, they face no risk of onsite injuries.


Magnetic drilling machines are really very convenient to handle, which eventually enhance the efficiency of drilling operators. And the best part is that they can be easily transported from one place to another.

When compared to other drilling alternatives like a geared head drill press, drill press, and radial arm drill press, mag drills allow drilling operators to accomplish their drilling jobs much faster. Portable mag drills are used extensively by operators to accomplish a project wherein they can’t bring a workpiece to a shop.

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