Fire Doors

Fire doors are an integral life safety system within your building. They are an integral part of protecting the means of escape in any building and at CA Drillers we are equipped to supply and installation of reliable fire doors. Fire doors are designed to prevent the spread of flames and smoke and can also provide cold smoke protection too. Our teams all have the accreditation needed to safely install doors in buildings of many different types, with different requirements.

Fire doors are a legal requirement in almost all commercial and accommodation premises such as blocks of flats, houses of multiple occupancy and sheltered living spaces. Article 17 of the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order makes it a legal requirement to ensure that fire resisting doors and escape doors are correctly installed and maintained in order for them to be fit for purpose. Doors need to be regularly checked, at least every six months, and maintained in full working order. At CA Drillers we can fit doors to new buildings as well as replace damaged or old doors which aren’t fit for purpose.

Fire Tested Doors for All Premises

Fire doors need to be fully fit for purpose to provide some fire resistance in the result of a blaze. Fire doors play a vital role in limiting the spread of fire and there are different options available. They make up a key part of any building’s passive fire protection system and are required by law in all public buildings. Fire doors need to be tested and certified by a third party body and should be installed by qualified professionals like our team.

Our fire doors also come in a range of thicknesses, up to 54mm, dependent on your requirements. Fire doors can be fitted just as easily as regular doors but a professional company like ours should be used in all instances. This is to ensure they meet European Standards (EN 16034) and offer maximum fire protection and our experience ensures an efficient and thorough service too.

There are a range of different options available including softwood, hardwood and durable steel, mainly used for exterior doors.

Fire Door Integrity Levels

Fire door integrity is measured in time and we can provide doors that deliver different protection levels. The most common types of fire door integrity level, as described by the British Woodworking Federation, and followed by the industry as a whole include:

  • FD30 – doors that will protect against the spread of smoke and flames for 30 minutes
  • FD60 – doors that will protect against the spread of smoke and flames for 60 minutes
  • FD90 – doors that will protect against the spread of smoke and flames for 90 minutes
  • FD120 – doors that will protect against the spread of smoke and flames for 120 minutes

The industry is always striving to improve and offer as much protection as possible and no matter what the material of the door, these levels of fire protection can be provided. At CA Drillers we can install fire doors of any size and type, in line with regulations. We can fit traditional timber, solid metal or composite fire doors as per your business’ needs.

Features and Benefits of Fire Doors

Fire doors are fitted with specific hardware and different types will incorporate different elements dependent on your needs. Fire door hardware can include smoke seals, gas seals and positive latching mechanisms. Fire doors are fitted with fire-rated seals which expand when exposed to heat. They come in a range of styles, with glass panels or without, dependent on your preferences.

Quality fire doors can provide as much as 60 minutes’ fire protection, giving people valuable time to escape in the event of a blaze. They come in styles and designs to suit different environments and our professionals fit them quickly, minimising business interruption and downtime

Almost all commercial and residential properties require fire doors for a safe working and living space, and we can provide them for any number of premises and buildings from offices to factories and apartments to schools, in whatever volumes are required.

Fire Door Maintenance Services

You may not even know whether your current fire doors are fit for purpose, but we can help with that too. Our fire door maintenance services provide our clients with tailored help for their premises including:

  • Full surveys of all fire doors and fire-stopping, to get a true picture of how safe or unsafe your existing provision is.
  • A full report to help you work towards full compliance with the Fire regulatory reform order 2005. The report includes recommendations for repairs and replacements where needed.
  • Repairs and replacements for any fire doors if required after reading the report.

Our maintenance services can help bring existing doors up to standard and replace others which do not provide the level of fire protection needed for your business.

At CA Drillers we have significant experience in the construction industry, helping our clients to provide safe and secure premises for their businesses. This extends to our fire door services, so get in touch today to find out more and discuss your needs.

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