Sep 2019
Here is Everything that You Should Know About Diamond Drilling

A common form of core drilling, diamond drilling is the fastest and most dynamic way of drilling holes and openings with exceptional accuracy. When diamond drilling experts execute any residential or commercial project, they use diamond drill bits to achieve their motive. Diamond is the hardest material so you can drill holes in anything with ease.

Whether you talk about metal like steel, or material like bricks, concrete, and masonry, diamond drill bits can penetrate through them all.

What kind of holes & openings can you create with diamond drilling?

When it comes to creating immaculate holes with diameters beginning with 8mm and extending up to 15mm, diamond drill bits are perfect for it. Whether you need to drill holes for heating, ventilation and airconditioning system, plumbing pipes, or any other purpose, you should opt for diamond drilling only.

How Safe is Diamond Drilling For Drilling Experts?

Diamond drilling is quite safe when compared to other techniques. Diamond drilling experts use a compact and lightweight tool, which reduces the risk of injuries.

Besides, it doesn’t produce any dust and noise, which minimises the risk of a host of health problems. From asthma and skin problems to trouble sleeping and hypertension, it reduces the risk of every linked to the exposure to dust and noise.

How Safe is it For Buildings and Structures?

A non-percussive technique, diamond drilling is highly safe for the building or the structure on which you want to create holes and openings. Since it is not a technique where you use a tool to hit the structure to drill holes on it, it doesn’t have any negative impact on it. Because of its non-percussive nature, it doesn’t produce any cracks, which helps in protecting structural integrity.

Is it Suitable for Horizontal Surfaces?

Diamond drilling is an excellent option for both horizontal and vertical surfaces. So whether you want to drill holes in walls or ceilings and floors, you can rely on it. In other words, it’s quite convenient for you to operate diamond drilling tools on both horizontal and vertical space.

How is it for Busy Areas?

Whether you are planning to work on a large project or a small one, as far as a busy location is concerned, you can 100% rely on diamond drilling. Considering that it doesn’t produce any noise and dust, it remains a suitable choice for schools, churches, hospitals, and retail stores, etc.

Is it Suitable for Confined Spaces?

Diamond Drilling is also a favourable option for confined spaces. And the reason is, you don’t require any massive tool, which you can’t access in such places. You can take portable diamond drilling equipment anywhere you like without bothering about space restrictions.

How Efficient is it?

Believe it or not, but it is one of the most efficient ways of creating immaculate holes and openings in both horizontal and vertical surfaces. And the best part is that it’s not even dangerous for diamond drilling operators present on the Jobsite.

To conclude, if you are looking forward to using a non-percussive technique to create holes and openings on buildings and structures in busy areas, look no further than diamond drilling.

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