Mar 2020
How to Avoid Diamond Drilling Mistakes that Can be Dangerous as well as Costly

The term ‘diamond drilling’ signifies the use of a diamond bit in the mining process which is made up of several small, industrial-grade diamonds that are set into a soft metallic matrix. Diamond drilling can be used to pursue two kinds of drilling jobs; rotary drilling and wireline drilling. Rotary drilling primarily involves borehole drilling and wireline drilling is used mainly for solid core sampling. Cutting through concrete is different than cutting through the drywall at home or sawing through the wood for a certain home project. Also, no matter what you do, boreholes are rarely straight. Several things can have an effect on the direction of the hole like the weight on a bit, poorly set up drill rig, ground that goes from hard to soft or fractures or voids in the ground formation. This means that you have to take some precautions to avoid some common mistakes while diamond concrete drilling in order to complete the job successfully.

Eliminate Uncertainty By Adequate Site And Drill Preparation

It is essential that we pay attention to the details on-site and emphasize the hazards of exploration drilling. Certain pre and post drilling activities contribute massively towards the elimination of severe risks, hazards, and injuries. These activities include mapping, sampling, and surveying the area; camp and gridline preparation; drill pad preparation, and demobilization as well as rehabilitation. Site preparation should be done well in advance while performing diamond concrete drilling by ensuring the following measures. The dangerous ground conditions like old workings should be delineated and previously capped drill holes should be addressed. Obstructions like overhanging powerlines, overhanging vegetation or underground services should be removed and traffic management systems and safe escape routes should be developed on-site. Drill pad set-up is another equally important aspect to be checked before any drilling operations. It should be at a stable level and access routes to drill-sites should be clearly marked.

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Prioritize and Enforce The Implementation of Safety Guidelines

There are strict safety rules and regulations laid out for jobs like diamond concrete drilling. The employees have to abide by these guidelines and ensure that they comply with the foreman or the officer in charge. Some of the basic safety rules include avoiding loose-fitting clothes and wearing all the protective gear like a helmet, eye protection, gloves, reflective vests, and safety boots. Remove all jewellery beforehand and use your safety belt and lifeline. Do not lift extremely heavy equipment without precaution as it might lead to chronic injuries like back pain or shoulder pain. Always maintain a senior driller or supervisor in the vicinity in order to guide people in case of an emergency as well as to ensure the quality of the drilling. An effective supervisor is responsible for engagement with the workforce through meaningful observations, consultations, and interventions.

Finally, Assess and Identify The Risks Associated With The Equipment or Personnel

The drilling machine can lead to several hazards if not maintained regularly. Identify the faults in the machinery and be careful of the risks posed during the process of diamond drilling. The rotating and moving parts are known to cause injuries and fatalities due to ignorance and faulty hydraulic systems or compressed air systems lead to severe risks like flammability and spread of toxicity. Make sure that you use the right amount of water or lubricant to combat the heat produced during diamond concrete drilling. It is important to remove hazardous substances like diesel, acids, oils, and grease and transport them to a safe distance. Manual tasks lead to repetitive strain on the musculoskeletal system and exposure to dust, noise and concurrent vibrations, these might lead to occupations diseases that could be acute or chronic in nature. Be careful to navigate the health in accordance with the environment and take necessary breaks while working on the drilling process.

FAQ for Diamond Drilling

For diamond drilling, what should be the first thing that I should look for in my drill?

When it comes to drilling, check for hammer setting, type of drill bits, speed settings, pressure, piloting and lubrication.

Can I use diamond drilling on wood?

Diamond drilling should not be used on any sort of metal or soft materials like soft wood. This is because the softness of wood will eventually cause the diamonds on the drill to clog up and, effectively, stop working.

Is diamond drilling really a risky task?

Safety guidelines need to be followed to avoid any accidents at job site. Basic care and concern one must take. for example, you must wear protective gloves at all times to help you keep a tight grip on the diamond drill, and keep your hands safe. Gloves can protect you from light scratches too.

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