Dec 2021
How To Save Money On Construction Projects With Diamond Drilling?

Contrary to what the name suggests, Diamond Drilling is one of the most cost-effective drilling techniques in the construction industry. When performed with precision, you can derive excellent drilling results with diamond drill bits at affordable rates.

However, since drilling equipment is costly, the process of diamond drilling is not inherently inexpensive. Making the most out of your equipment for budget-friendly drilling and maintaining a consistent productivity rate is imperative. 

“The higher your productivity, the more economical your construction operations will be.”

Enhancing productivity is all about simple but effective changes. Sometimes, all you need is ‘minor tweaks’ for improving your entire process. 

In this article, we will look at some excellent tips to enhance diamond drilling productivity and save money on the project. 

Incredible Tips To Improve Productivity & Save Costs On Diamond Drilling 

1. Invest In High-Quality Equipment 

Buying inexpensive drill bits may seem tempting, but that can lead to premature breaking and expensive maintenance costs, ultimately increasing project costs.

On the other hand, high-quality equipment is less likely to break, sustain highly complex undertakings, and require minimal maintenance. Moreover, a better quality drill bit will help you get the job done faster and more efficiently, ultimately improving the overall quality of drilling 


2. Select The Right Equipment For The Job 

No two drilling jobs are the same, and neither are site requirements. Therefore, along with ensuring that your drilling bit is high-quality, it is also vital to make sure that it matches your unique project requirements. You should keep the following aspects in mind while selecting your drilling equipment- 

  • Ground variability.
  • Hardness.
  • Competency of the equipment.
  • Power & water supply on the site. 

Selecting the right tool for your project can significantly improve the productivity of your project and is a crucial step in minimising project costs. However, the task requires knowledge and experience. Hence it is best to let your Diamond Drilling London experts make the decision.

3. Improve your Rate of Penetration (ROP)

This is one of the simplest ways to improve your diamond drilling efficiency. The higher your penetration rate, the better results you will be able to achieve. This eventually makes your undertakings more economical. 

To achieve the desired penetration rate, it is critical to examine the ground and select the optimal crown configuration and core bit for the conditions.

4. Never Ignore Maintenance 

‘Maintenance’ includes both maintenances of the drilling machinery and supervision of the process. 

Inspecting the drilling equipment regularly helps you determine any issues in advance and eliminates the need for costly repairs. You should examine all the parts thoroughly and regularly check lubrication and coating. 

Performance maintenance includes ensuring that the drillers are working efficiently and delivering the desired result. It also includes maintaining optimal work-site conditions to avoid unnecessary delays or accidents. 

5. Check your Tools periodically 

Most professional diamond drilling London experts would agree that listening to the drilling equipment is crucial for maintaining efficiency and reducing project spendings. If there are any issues with the drill bit, a drilling contractor will sense it through the sound and vibrations. 

In addition, it is also essential not to push the drill bits beyond their capacity or skip repairs and maintenance. These options may seem like cost-saving solutions in the short run but can lead to severe damage or accidents. 

6.  Select Higher Crowns

Despite all efforts, no bit can last indefinitely. However, employing higher crowns in complex terrain can dramatically lengthen the life of your equipment. 

The Vulcan arrangement is appropriate for this since its taller crowns mean fewer stops during the operation, ultimately extending the drill bit’s life and bringing down operational costs. 

7. Opt For Additives 

Additives may seem like an additional expense, but that is far from true. These additives work wonders in improving performance in several ways and reduce operational costs substantially. They are beneficial in the following ways-

  • Minimises equipment stalling.
  • Helps you drill seamlessly through surfaces like – collapsing holes, dry holes, abrasive and sandy holes.
  • Lowers pressure on drill bits and allows cooling. 
  • Lessened cut time and efforts. 

The Concluding Note 

Regardless of the size & type of construction project, the most crucial thing to bring down operational costs is to enhance the efficiency of your construction undertakings. This applies to all the construction tasks, especially the ones like Diamond Drilling that require precision. 

We hope that this article will help you optimise your drilling operations and bring down the overall construction cost. For more information on diamond drilling, contact the experts of CA Drillers today. 


How Diamond Drilling works?

In diamond drilling, a rotary drill with diamond bits is used to obtain precise and clean holes ranging from 8mm to 150mm. This drilling technique is usually implemented in the drilling of hard structures such as asphalt, metal concrete, etc.

What is diamond drilling?

Diamond drilling is a core drilling technique used by professional contractors for creating precisely measured holes using rotary drills with diamond bits. Diamonds are the hardest natural materials and diamond drilling techniques are designed to use their rigorousness to pierce through concrete,metal,asphalt and other materials that are difficult to cut through otherwise.

What is diamond drilling used for?

Diamond drilling is used to create accurate and precise openings in rigid structures. It is used at construction sites and in renovation or partial demolition projects.

How diamond drilling works?

In diamond drilling, an operator uses a rotary drill mounted with industrial-grade diamonds to obtain clean and precise openings in concrete and other rigid structures. Diamond drills can be operated horizontally as well as in vertical direction depending on the project requirement.

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