Sep 2018
How To Use The Diamond Blades For The Concrete Cutting Project?

Concrete is a popular building material that offers resilience and strength to the structure. It is a robust substance and is weather resistant which provides a long life to the building.

After a certain period, the old concrete is either replaced or removed as a part of a renovation or demolition project. The smartest act is to reuse the concrete in other construction projects. In the cash-strapped scenario, it helps in saving a large sum in the construction projects. Also, reusing the resources will have a good impact on the environment as it helps in preventing the production of less amount of waste.

But, it is tough to deny that the cutting of the concrete is a difficult job. It takes skills and years of experience to perform it efficiently. Not only this, it requires specialized tools that work smoothly under all the conditions to cut or drill the concrete. Also, handling these tools for a long time is not an easy task.

Different Tools And Blades To Cut Different Types Of Concrete

With the popularity of this building material, the specialists came up with several kinds of concrete. It eventually gave rise to different types of cutting, drilling and sawing tools and blades in the market. Among all, the easiest way to cut the concrete is by using diamond blades. Diamond is one of the hardest materials on earth. It provides the utmost precision to work.

The efficient diamond drill with attached diamond blades is considered to be the best way to cut or drill the reinforced concrete. The reinforced concrete contains steel bars. Therefore, if the cut is 4 inches deep or even more, you will encounter the steel.

These blades are designed differently to cut concretes like fresh concrete and cured concrete properly. It is a fact that the design of these diamond blades depends upon the curing time of the concrete. The curing time of different types of concrete is different. Therefore they need different blades. The skilled professionals know it quite well.

Check The Ingredients Of The Concrete

It is necessary to know about the materials used in the concrete before choosing the perfect diamond blade for the job. The substances such as basalt wear the blade quickly. Therefore, choose the blade which has soft bonds. It will help in exposing the other new diamonds for the efficient execution of the work.

The dimension of the aggregates influences the bond of the blade. The smaller ones erode the blades in a faster way as compared to the bigger aggregates. Also, do not forget to test the type of sand used in the concrete as it also affects the working of the diamond blades.

How Are Diamond Cutters And Drill Machines Beneficial For The Environment?

The construction projects often give rise to noise and air pollution. But, protecting the landscapes and the environment must be the priority of every construction project. The diamond cutters help to safeguard the environment in every way possible. Water is effectively used here which produce less dust and also maintain the temperature of the blades while the work is going on. Water helps the professionals to carry on the task effectively for a long time.

Therefore, whenever the requirement of cutting and drilling into the deeper areas of concrete comes into the picture, the professionals always prefer wet cutting. For shallow cutting, dry cutting is the best way.

Precautionary Measures

If you want to use a diamond cutter, there are some precautionary measures that can help you. Have a look at them!

  • Diamond cutters are commonly used to penetrate rock-hard materials and not soft ones. That is why, if the blade suddenly stops working, this certainly means that the material is soft.
  • Do not force the blade to the material. The weight of the blade will do the work.
  • Do not forget to use gloves, eyewear, and other protective clothes while working with the cutters.
  • It is easy to stop the overheating of the machine and control the temperature. All you have to do is start the machine and let it run for 30 seconds.

This information will surely help you to use the diamond blades in an effective manner for concrete cutting projects.

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