Aug 2022
Hydraulic Concrete Bursting: Function, Use, and Advantages

Concrete bursting has multiple benefits, which has made it popular for demolition work. It deals with a risky and lengthy demolition process. It is more beneficial compared to conventional methods of concrete demolition. Diamond drilling Kent has noted how hydraulic bursting works, its function, and its benefits if you consider using concrete bursting for your project.

What is Hydraulic Bursting?

Hydraulic bursting, also known as concrete bursting, is the fastest and most efficient method of dealing with large masses of concrete. It has become popular in dealing with risky and lengthy demolition tasks. It has significant advantages compared to traditional methods of breaking concrete; It creates minimal noise and dust. Holes are either drilled in a straight line or a diamond configuration.

Functioning of Concrete Bursting

The first step in the hydraulic bursting process is the holes pre-drilled into the material, which is bursting or creating openings to insert hydraulic burster heads. The size of holes depends on various factors, including the type of material, the kind of structure, and the size and thickness of the material.

After the first step, the heads of the bursters are inserted into the holes. They then expand hydraulically by increasing the pressure within the material and causing splits and cracks. Once the material is burst into pieces, it can be easily managed and cleared as required.

Our team can provide efficient and satisfactory results with diamond drilling Kent’s advanced machinery. The machines are fixed with heads of various diameters, producing 100 to 250 tons of pressure. The capacity of bursting depends on the bursting charge. For example, a 100mm head can burst up to 108 tons, while a 200 mm head can burst approximately 250 tons.

What is Concrete Bursting Used For?

It is ideal for removing larger structures made of concrete, block, brick or stone. This method reinforced concrete masses where other methods struggle to demolish the structure. It is beneficial for many demolition projects, such as dams, bridges, and nuclear power stations, where a precise and controlled removal system is required.

Advantages of Hydraulic Bursting

Less Noise Pollution

We all have the impression that there is a big noise in the surrounding area whenever there is concrete cutting. But it is not so with the hydraulic bursting method; it automatically reduces noise pollution. The technique is exceptionally silent and an ideal solution for noise-restricted areas.

Minimal Vibration

Hydraulic bursting may sound like some big boom name, but it involves minimal drilling, reducing the vibration during the operation. It also eliminates vibration-related injuries. In drilling jobs, workers are prone to occupational hazards. However, the concrete bursting makes the entire procedure safer and more convenient for the team onsite.

Produces Zero Dust

The method is gentle for your demolition even though the name has burst in it. It is non-percussive, producing no dust, making the technique unique and cleanest. It does not leave the site with a large amount of garbage, so it involves minimal cleaning after the job is done.

Good for Large Structure

The concrete cutting in large structures always sounds like a tedious task. Even the most technologically advanced tools struggle for such operations. However, the hydraulic bursting technique makes it easier by decreasing the structure into manageable chunks, resulting in an effective and successful bursting.

Reachable to Confined Spaces

Sometimes the job site is confined or in a narrow lane; it requires sturdy equipment which can perform the task delicately at the same time. During such times, hydraulic bursting proves to be a great technique. The process involves less hassle and is perfect for confined spaces. Additionally, it is easy to manoeuvre the equipment, which will cause less disruption.


Because this method requires less human resources to carry out the process, it directly affects the labour cost reduction. Also, it gives better results than conventional demolition methods.

Various Power Options

You do not need to worry about the power options of a bursting machine as it can run on multiple power options, such as electricity, diesel and petrol.


CA Drillers is the recognized and trusted diamond drilling and diamond sawing company in South East London and Kent. We provide the most effective and safest technique to remove large concrete, stone or masonry structures with minimal noise and vibration. Our four decades of experience in hydraulic bursting service has made us an ideal choice for your project.

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CA Drillers ensure you receive the best and most effective hydraulic bursting service. Contact us on 08082581260  for more information on hydraulic bursting or visit us online. We are happy to help you.

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