Nov 2021
Important Safety Guidelines To Follow Before & While Carrying Out Diamond Drilling

In any industry, it is imperative that the employees adhere to the niche-specific safety guidelines determined by federal authorities or the organization they are working for. 

However, the risks involved in specific sectors like construction are substantially higher than others, making it more vital to ensure that the processes are carried out by abiding by all the necessary health & safety guidelines. 

In this blog, we will look at the safety measures to follow when working with ‘Diamond Drilling’ in the construction industry specifically. 

Diamond drill bits are the most powerful equipment for cutting precise holes through robust construction surfaces. These drill bits can yield incredible results due to their compressive strength and durability, given that they are operated with utmost care. 

In this post, our Diamond drilling London experts have provided an overview of the critical precautionary steps that should be taken before & while carrying out diamond drilling operations. 

The guidelines mentioned in this article will help you undertake your drilling activities seamlessly & prevent any kinds of accidents. 

Special Safety Precautions To Keep In Mind While Preparing The Site Before Drilling 

  • Ensure that the construction site where drilling has to be carried out is free of dust and debris. 
  • Each drilling project is different, and so are the ‘site preparation’ requirements. Some jobs may require the surface to be dry, while others will need a wet texture. We recommend determining the conditions in advance and preparing the surface accordingly. 
  • Along with the specifications about site preparation, drilling bit requirements also vary from project to project. Discuss your project’s complexity and other details with the drilling company and figure out beforehand which drill bit is correct for your project.
  • Discuss the power and water supply requirements with your drillers and assess whether your site has the necessary supply. If not, make arrangements for the same. 

Protective Gear – What To Wear While Carrying Out Drilling?

Wearing correct protective gear is imperative for diamond drilling experts to keep themselves protected at all times. Here is what your drilling staff should wear – 

  • Properly fitted clothing – loose clothes can get caught up in moving equipment. 
  • A protective gear, a hat, and appropriate protection that covers eyes and ears. 
  • Gloves and safety boots. 
  • Drillers shouldn’t wear any rings or other jewelry while working with a drill bit. 

Safety Measures To Follow Before Operating A Diamond Drill Bit 

  • Make sure that the vacuum seal is appropriately intact; if not, get it replaced.
  • One of the most critical measures to consider for safe and effective diamond drilling operations is proper lubrication. Lubricate the drilling equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  •  Dirt and grease in the grip of drill bits can make you lose grip and cause hazardous accidents. Hence, it is essential to ensure that your drilling equipment is adequately cleaned and free from dirt. 

Safety Measures To Follow While Operating A Diamond Drill Bit 

  • It is vital to use the right tools for drilling procedures according to the surface. You must adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines while operating a diamond drill. 
  • When carrying out drilling operations on floors, you must use extreme caution. Take precautions to protect everything beneath the surface you are drilling. 
  • Always ensure that your hands, fingers especially, are at a safe distance from the drilling bit. Holding the drill bit too closely can lead to fatal hand injuries, despite the gloves.
  • Place your diamond drilling machine stand in a safe location. This will help prevent significant bodily harm and minimize the damage to your diamond drill bits.
  • To avoid overworking the motor and causing harm, you should operate the drilling machine at the recommended feed rate and speed. Excessive speed or force can cause you to lose control of the equipment, posing a possible safety hazard.
  • When you are not using the drill bit, it is vital to switch it off correctly. If possible, you should disconnect it from the source of power to avoid any electrical hazards. 

Concluding Thoughts 

In complicated and high-risk construction undertakings like diamond drilling, all the contractors must abide by the safety guidelines determined by a senior drilling engineer or the company they are working with.

A Diamond drilling company like ours follows all the above-mentioned guidelines and delivers high-quality drilling work with utmost safety. With CA Drillers, you can be at peace knowing that your tasks are conducted cautiously, and your workforce and construction site are appropriately protected. 

Get in touch with our team today for further information on professional diamond drilling services in London, Kent, the South East.



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Whom to Hire Diamond Drilling Experts in London?

To obtain optimal outcomes from your diamond drilling project, you should hire experienced and certified diamond drilling specialists in London. You should hire trusted professionals who can understand your unique requirements and carry out the project in a safe and efficient manner.

Why to hire Diamond drilling Experts?

A professional diamond drilling specialist can precisely understand your unique requirement and possess the right skill-set and experience to deliver the highest quality of services. When you hire experienced and certified diamond core drilling specialists, they can create precise holes or openings of any size and shape in the most efficient and safest manner.


Diamond drilling is used for a wide array of applications. The most prominent applications of diamond drilling are demolition,property restoration,construction etc. It can also be used for purposes like installation of plumbing pipes, electric wires and to insert support frames during construction.

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