Oct 2020
Inverted Diamond Drilling For Slab Connections

There are several challenges in the drilling industry that lead towards the innovation of exceptional diamond drilling methods, and Inverted Diamond Drilling is one of those methods. It is quite challenging for any diamond drilling and concrete cutting specialist to drill the concrete ceiling which is unable to access from above, and the client requires hole on the underside of the concrete. In such a situation, inverted diamond drilling comes to your rescue.

What is Inverted Diamond Drilling?

Inverted Diamond Drilling is also known as Upside Down Diamond Drilling that helps in drilling the hole into the slab connections through various methods. This type of drilling method is specifically useful when access from the above is restricted.

Inverted Diamond Drilling is useful in ceilings, walls, bridges, tunnels and road surfaces, plumbing piping, electrical wiring and HVAC systems and many other onsite uses to drill holes of diameter from as small as 12mm to 800mm in-depth according to the structure and requirement.

Inverted Diamond Drilling Through Hydraulic-driven Diamond Drill Motor

As we all know, the slab connection includes concrete. And to create a drill hole that to be in the underside of this slab connection requires proper planning and strategy. Whereas, it is not possible to use electric motors in the process of inverted diamond drilling as the water can flow continuously on this motor and could cause serious issues. To solve this problem, we can use a hydraulic-driven diamond drill motor which functions efficiently with water running on it.

The Process of Inverted Diamond Drilling For Slab Connections

In this drilling process, the diamond drilling rig is placed underside of the concrete wall supported by a downside slab. Through this equivalent support, drill motors can seamlessly run on the drill mast and provide engineers with a seamless experience of applying pressure through the handle on the drill.

Benefits of Inverted Diamond Drilling

This efficient inverted diamond drilling method contains various benefits that make your project more efficient and excellent. Let’s look at some exceptional benefits of Inverted Diamond Drilling:

  • Precise Outcomes

Inverted Diamond Drilling produces no dust or debris that makes it very precise for conducting various construction projects. The outcomes produced by drilling method proves to be of a high standard. Also, accurate drilling of the hole will provide more safety and minimum accidental damage.

  • Fast Process

Construction projects always require a method which gives exceptional outcomes and speedy results. Diamond drilling is a rapid method where you can use the machine at very high speed to cut any material. Due to the quick and precise process, it offers some incredible advantages to the construction industry.

  • Inexpensive & Less Damage

Performing a drill through any other method results in strong damage as cracks and chips will also drill through the machine that will make this whole method very costly. Whereas, diamond drilling produces no cracks and chips along with no damage to the material that results in an inexpensive way to drill the material.

  • Beneficial for health

Yes, you heard it right. Diamond sawing and drilling contain some magnificent health benefits for the person or labour who is performing the drilling process. The whole process of diamond drilling doesn’t produce any dust or debris, which results in exceptional health benefits for the worker who is drilling.

Wrapping Up

Inverted Diamond Drilling process is little confound and requires experienced professionals diamond drillers to get exceptional outcomes. Slab connections include concrete, and diamond drilling is the right choice to drill the material efficiently. Also, a stand-mounted hydraulic diamond core drill makes the whole process waterproof as it is challenging to perform averted diamond drilling through an electric motor.

Whether it is core drilling, inverted diamond drilling, or any other type of diamond drilling method, it provides exceptional benefits and professional outcomes as compared to any other drilling method.

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How Diamond Drilling works?

In diamond drilling, a rotary drill with diamond bits is used to obtain precise and clean holes ranging from 8mm to 150mm. This drilling technique is usually implemented in the drilling of hard structures such as asphalt, metal concrete, etc.

What is diamond drilling?

Diamond drilling is a core drilling technique used by professional contractors for creating precisely measured holes using rotary drills with diamond bits. Diamonds are the hardest natural materials and diamond drilling techniques are designed to use their rigorousness to pierce through concrete, metal, asphalt and other materials that are difficult to cut through otherwise.

What is diamond drilling used for?

Diamond drilling is used to create accurate and precise openings in rigid structures. It is used at construction sites and in renovation or partial demolition projects.

How diamond drilling works?

In diamond drilling, an operator uses a rotary drill mounted with industrial-grade diamonds to obtain clean and precise openings in concrete and other rigid structures. Diamond drills can be operated horizontally as well as in a vertical direction depending on the project requirement.

What does a diamond driller do?

A diamond driller is a trained professional who is skilled in operating special equipment such as diamond drills. They are proficient in creating precise openings on a building site or cutting through rough surfaces in a demolition project, using diamond drills.

What is diamond drilling in construction?

Diamond drilling is a versatile method of drilling that can be used in a wide variety of construction projects. It is used to create precise and smooth holes in hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt etc.

How dangerous is diamond drilling?

Diamond drilling is a relatively safe method of core drilling. However, the rotating device needs to be handled with extreme care otherwise it can cause injuries or fatalities. Hence it should only be operated by a trained professional.

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