Apr 2016
All You Need To Know About Concrete Sawing

London and other parts of the Great Britain are seeing massive action in building demolition and new infrastructure development industry. And thus, concrete sawing has emerged as an everyday or common need of construction businesses.

What Is Concrete Sawing Process?

concrete sawing process

Concrete sawing is an efficient way of cutting, drilling and removing concrete, asphalt and masonry. The process is important for construction companies involved in repair, remodelling and development of buildings. For example, if you want to make a new pathway for your garage removing the old concrete slab, concrete sawing is the answer.

Equipment Used for Concrete Sawing

equipment for concrete sawing

Equipment or machines used for concrete sawing application are known as concrete saws. These are electrically or hydraulic powered machines with diamond coated blades to effectively cut through concrete and other building materials. As similar to a tiller, these saws are operated in either hand-held or walk-behind mode of operation.

Concrete saws are available in different designs including circular, chain and jig blade. These saws use the diamond blade as an abrasive or core cutting technology and thus also known as diamond saws.

Various Concrete Saws Used By The Experts

  • Floor Saws:

    As the name suggested, these saws are used for cutting horizontal flat surfaces like concrete floors, roads, slabs and pavements.

  • Track Saws:

    They are used to create openings in walls, floors and other structures in confined spaces.

  • Wire Saws:

    They are used for more complex and large-scale commercial cutting projects where track saw fail to meet the requirements of the project.

  • Ring & Chain Saws:

    They are handheld concrete cutting saws. They are compact in size and thus used for concrete cutting in the limited access area. They help make accurate cuts with perfect square corners in single pass.

  • Deep Saws:

    They are commonly used in pavement repair or removal projects. Depending on your project needs and worksite condition, you need to choose right concrete saw that ensure safe, precise and timely outcomes.

Two Primary Concrete Sawing Methods

concrete sawing methods

Let’s discuss two most fundamental techniques of concrete sawing used by professionals to minimise threat to safety and ensure quality output in time.

  • Wet Concrete Cutting:

    In this method, water is used during the operation to control temperature of diamond blade low and prevent it from overheating. Use of water also helps minimise the production of dust during cutting and cut accurately leaving clean cuts behind.

  • Dry Concrete Cutting:

    In this method, diamond blade with toothed rim design is used to keep the abrasive blade cool and free of dust build-up during cutting operation. To prevent overheating, diamond sawing specialists make a series of cuts to obtain desired depth of cutting instead of achieving it in a single deep cut. Compared to wet cutting, dry cutting produces more dust at the job site. And thus they are preferred for outdoor concrete cutting applications but not for indoor operations.

Why Hire Concrete Sawing Specialist

concrete sawing specialist

Concrete sawing isn’t a DIY engineering! When allowing an amateur to carry out diamond sawing can cause many complications, poor quality results or damage of the structure. Even worst, if a person isn’t skilled enough, they may fail to ensure safety and meet accident during the operation.

Professional concrete sawing contractors are skilled and trained technicians who can perform concrete cutting in most accurate and secure manner. They have knowledge to choose the right saw that can deliver optimal performance for your project. We are a leader in the concrete sawing industry London. Hire us today!

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