Apr 2018
Popular Controlled Demolition Techniques & Their Significance

The demand for controlled demolition techniques is growing day by day because they are way too advantageous when compared to traditional demolition methods. Demolition is the process of breaking down a structure, therefore it’s important that advanced tools and techniques are used in it, otherwise, it can prove to be dangerous for the workers as well the surrounding buildings.

So, whether you are demolishing a structure because it’s too old now or due to a structural damage, make sure that you hire controlled demolition services from a renowned company. There are several activities which are carried out before demolishing a structure such surveying, removal of hazardous materials, and preparation of demolition plan for the building or structure in question.

If you talk specifically about building surveying it covers things like identifying the materials used in construction and finding out the presence of hazardous as well as flammable materials. In addition to that, drainage conditions and the impact of demolition on the neighbourhood is also analysed.

Once surveying is carried out, the next step is to remove all the hazardous materials from the job site. After that, a perfect demolition plan is created by demolition experts which include detailed information on the location of the building, the distance of neighbouring structures and the tools and techniques to be used in the demolition process.

Here are some of the most popular controlled demolition techniques and their importance.

Brokk Demolition

Brokk robotic demolition is one of the safest and most efficient ways of breaking down a structure. It is the demolition process during which advanced Brokk demolition robots are used by experts to demolish a structure. Since these Brokk demolition robots can be operated remotely by the experts, there hardly arise a question of accidents and injuries on the job site.

On top of that, because these machines are quite compact in size, it becomes easier for contractors to transport them to the job site. It is a demolition technique that causes the least damage to the surrounding buildings and structures. In addition to that, these machines produce no dust and noise while breaking down the structures, which is very helpful for the health of professionals present at the job site.

Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling is one of the fastest methods of creating precise holes and openings on concrete structures, bricks, glass, and metals. High-quality diamond drill bits are used by operators to create holes and openings with great accuracy. It’s a dust as well as vibration free technique – so workers present at the site can easily concentrate on their tasks. Apart from that, no noise is produced when holes and openings are created with the support of diamond drill bits – which saves workers from the hearing problems. And because of the compact size of the tools, it becomes easier for operators to drills holes in confined spaces.

Hydraulic Bursting

Another important technique that is used by operators to demolish buildings and structures is hydraulic bursting. This method is extensively used for demolishing large residential and commercial structures. It’s perfect for breaking down concrete, masonry and stone structures in the safest way possible. When this technique is used operators first have to create several holes on the structure in question after which hydraulic bursting heads are inserted into them to create required amount of force to break down the structure in a controlled manner.

So, if you want to hire quality controlled demolition services at affordable rates anywhere in Kent and London, look no further than CA Drillers.

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