Jun 2019
Reasons You Should Invest in Hydraulic Bursting

Demolishing quality homes, government buildings, bridges, and flyovers, etc., that stand the test of time is not an ordinary task. It’s imperative for you to arm yourself with the right tools and techniques to get the job done. You can use hydraulic bursting – a cutting edge controlled demolition technique if you are looking forward to bringing down robust buildings and structures without compromising on your safety.

Hydraulic bursting allows you to break massive concrete structures into small chunks, which plays a significant role in simplifying the demolition process. The reason demolition contractors rely on this technique like anything is, it keeps them from damaging the adjacent walls or structures.

So whether you are looking forward to executing a simple demolition project or a complex one, look no further than hydraulic bursting.

Here Is How It Works

As we already know that hydraulic bursting is a controlled demolition technique, in this section, we will through some light on how it works. When you use hydraulic bursting to bring down a massive structure, you first create several small holes in it. You use diamond drill bits to create them.

Afterwards, you can use those holes for inserting hydraulic bursters, and can then expand them to demolish the structure in a controlled way. When you enlarge them, they will produce cracks on the structure in question, which will split it into small pieces of concrete.

And when you split the concrete structure into small pieces, it also makes it easier for you to remove them from the site in question.  If the structure in question is too large, you will have to repeat the same process multiple times.

Here is why you should opt for it.

It’s Non-Percussive

Hydraulic bursting is a non-percussive demolition method, which means demolition experts do not hit the structure with heavy duty tools, which plays an indispensable role in maintaining structural integrity. You can use it for demolishing bridges, dams, beams, foundations, floors, and walls, etc.

It’s Excellent for Confined Spaces

Considering that demolition experts use portable tools for carrying out hydraulic bursting, it remains the perfect option for confined spaces. Besides, you don’t even feel the need of hiring too many workers to perform this task, which plays an indispensable role in streamlining onsite activities.

It’s Highly Safe

Demolitions experts often struggle with injuries and accidents. However, opting for hydraulic bursting minimizes the risk of injuries to a great extent because they use portable tools which are easy to handle.

Besides, the fact that it helps in breaking concrete structures into small chunks (which are easy to manage) also reduces the risk of injuries and accidents on demolition sites.

You can keep your site in order by removing them quickly.

It Doesn’t Produce Noise

Hydraulic bursting is a noise-free demolition technique, which makes it an ideal option for hospitals, schools, and malls, etc. It’s noise-free quality also eliminates the risk of hearing problems.

Besides, it also increases the efficiency of the demolition experts as nothing distracts from paying attention to their work.

It Doesn’t Produce Dust

Hydraulic bursting is also a dust-free demolition technique. Therefore, it also eliminates the risk of health problems such as eye irritation, asthma, and skin problems. There is no denying that demolition experts struggle a lot with dust-related issues, but using the right tools and techniques can avoid that.

Besides, hydraulic bursting is also a cost-effective way of demolishing concrete structures so you can save a significant amount of money.

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