Jan 2023
The Benefits of Using Brokk Demolition 

Brokk demolition is one of the construction industry’s most significant developments in recent years. It is the safest and most precise means of cutting and demolishing concrete. It is a perfect choice to deal with air pollution. CA Drillers takes pride in bringing the most revolutionary and innovative solutions to the construction world. Using the latest brokk demolition technique makes us stand apart in diamond drilling.

In today’s competitive market, techniques that rely on manual labour are not sustainable concerning workers’ safety, productivity and overall cost-effectiveness. Successful contractors are deploying experienced brokk demolition teams with machines that increase efficiency in several areas. It has met challenges such as safety concerns, environmental issues and reduced manual work. 

Read on this blog to know the benefits of  brokk demolition. 

What Is Brokk Demolition?

Brokk demolition is a compact and robust machine that has revolutionised the construction industry. It has features such as buckets, crushers, breakers and drills; they can quickly demolish any building. Whether partial demolition or destroying a tower, brokk demolition provides a safe, accurate and efficient service. 

How Does Brokk Demolition Help In Diamond Drilling?

CA Drillers provides diamond drilling and cutting through rigid materials such as concrete, brick and various types of burdensome stone. Brokk demolition is often used to shift the large amounts of heavy debris produced by construction work. Our experts often use it for larger jobs, where there is likely to be a massive amount of waste material which needs to be removed quickly to run the operation efficiently. 

Benefits of Brokk Demolition

  • Increased Productivity 

Employing a remote-controlled demolition machine has revolutionised productivity. It translates into more jobs, lower overheads and a bidding advantage for contractors in several applications, including concrete cutting. 

For example, suppose you need to remove the elevated floor using traditional concrete cutting methods. In that case, it starts with adequate shoring for safety, followed by sawing the bottom into workable pieces before removal and crushing at another location- instead of this, you can use the brokk demolition technique to speed up the process. It will eliminate the need for shoring and allow your team to complete the work twice as fast. It will also reduce the labour cost, cutting the overall cost of the demolition process. 

  • Safe Operation

Before the advancements in the construction industry, demolition was considered a dangerous job for the workers involved. Workers were always at risk of falling debris, high noise levels, and increased amounts of vibrations and dust. 

With brokk demolition coming in, the operation can keep a safe distance from any falling objects and harmful vibrations. They will also be less exposed to the dust produced during cutting through materials. The vibrations during demolition can pose many health issues, such as severe back problems, vision and balance impairment and heart conditions, so it is essential to keep workers safe.

Using the remote control brokk demolition also means that the operator has a better view of the area and the machine during usage, minimising the risk of accidents due to limited view while using the device.

  • Relieving The Workload

The construction industry is highly labour-intensive, especially with carrying heavy materials such as concrete or brick. It is strenuous work, especially when completing an extensive cutting or drilling project with much excess material to move. Rather than moving it manually, the brokk demolition technique can assist with clearing the debris. 

  • Heat Resistant, Low Fumes, Low Noise

During construction work, tools become hot due to friction. Water act as a coolant throughout your diamond drilling work to prevent heating. CA Drillers ensure that all the components of brokk demolition machines are heat and impact-protected, ensuring safety for the operator and surrounding areas. It is  electrically powered machine, which means that no harmful fumes are released into the air, requiring less maintenance, 

  • Compact & Powerful

Brokk provides more power in a smaller package. Whether it is construction, metal processing or underground work, brokk demolition robots are the ideal solution for effective, versatile and profitable demolition work. The five-ton brokk is as powerful as a 25-ton excavator, and it gets the job done faster than with handled tools. Still, it is compact and lightweight and easy to transport. 

  • Flexible & Versatile 

It has a 3-arm system that provides the operator impressive reach and stability. The wide range of attachments makes it a perfect tool for many applications. 

  • Environment Friendly 

The brokk demolition process does not produce harmful fumes, and the robotics do not produce noise and vibrations; It puts the building at less risk of encountering structural damage and keeps the environment safe. 


CA Drillers provides special Brokk demolition services in Kent and London. Our Brokk demolition machines are far more capable of delivering maximum performance in any complex jobsite compared to conventional demolition methods. Our experts can tear down any size of structure in a safe manner causing the least disruption to the site and surrounding areas. Call us at +44 808 274 7824 or visit us online to learn more about our services.

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