Mar 2016
The Importance of Noise Control While Drilling & Demolition Work

Construction activities are usual sight as growing economy leads to expansion of infrastructure facilities everywhere. However, the noise associated with drilling and demolition work is often overlooked during construction activities.

Though the intent of construction is to achieve better infrastructure, the noise can have many bad effects. Now the question will arise as to is it possible to get rid of noise while engaging in demolition or drilling work? Well, unfortunately the answer is no. However, this noise can definitely be reduced or controlled to considerable levels if correct drilling methods are used.

Why Is Noise Control Important?

The primary aspect to consider in regards to advancements in construction activities is the fact that they are important to modernize society and cannot be ignored just because they lead to noise pollution or disruptions.

However, the other factor to note here is that generating high noise levels is not good for residents staying in the surroundings. Hence, there need to be measures that ensure that this noise is controlled to achievable levels.

The other aspect to consider here is the workforce employed to carry out demolition work. There have been many instances wherein local residents voice-out publicly about increasing noise due to construction activities in their region; however, the plight of workers is often overlooked.

Workers are often exposed to high noise levels during drilling or demolition. This poses huge risks to their health and hearing. Workers become vulnerable to damaging their ear drums and may also face issues such as loss of sleep and eventual hearing loss.

All this means that noise control measures are followed diligently to ensure that public and workers alike are not troubled.

How To Control Noise At Construction Sites?

As mentioned earlier, the choice of correct drilling equipment is a necessity to ensure people living in the neighbourhood and workers are not bothered. Anyone who has experience working at construction sites will vouch for the fact that use of hammer drills can get to your nerves. Even if people are at a distance from the actual work site, the vibrations propagate in a manner that they are just above your head or sometimes even inside.

In comparison, diamond drilling can significantly reduce the noise pollution and also help in performing the drilling work efficiently. It needs to be understood here that spreading of sound outwards often means that it becomes weak once the distance increases. For example, the sound of people walking across corridors in some office building will gradually fade off as the person walks a distance.

A diamond drill is a perfect equipment for bringing down the decibel levels. The sound produced by a diamond drill almost always fades off when it comes in tandem with other sounds present at the site.

All this proves that use of diamond drills is always recommended as the advantages in terms of environmental and health concerns are high with such equipment.

So if you are in need of demolition or drilling work with use of diamond drills, contact us immediately for expert advice.

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