Jul 2016
The Mechanics of Diamond Core Drilling - The Vital Things To Know

Diamond core drilling is a faster and more efficient technique of drilling through concrete, asphalt, stone or any other construction material. This technique doesn’t produce vibration during the drilling operation. As it doesn’t impart vibration to the nearby area of the structure being drilled, it reduces the damage caused to the adjacent surface of the subjected structure and also reduces the safety risk for the operator.

The core drilling method also saves the drilling operators from hearing damage as it produces minimal noise during the drilling operation. One of the other benefits of choosing diamond core drilling is that it causes minimal spalling and clean, sharp openings that don’t need reinstatement work needed. Meaning, diamond drilling operator can immediately start with the next tasks as no patching work required here.

This modern core drilling equipment can effectively drill through rebar and heavily reinforced concrete, allowing holes of up to 60 inches in diameter. Diamond core drills are commonly used to make openings for utility installations (such as electrical, plumbing and HVAC fitting) in the existing concrete structures.

Types Of Core Drilling Equipment

The majority of the core drilling equipment available out there can be divided into three main categories: lightweight drilling machine, medium and heavy-duty drilling machine and larger drilling machine.

The lightweight drilling equipment can drill holes of up to 3 inches diameter. This category mostly embraces the handheld drilling tools. Besides making small diameter holes, the hand held drills can also be used to give a professional finish to already drilled or cut area.

The medium drilling machines are commonly used by professional diamond drilling contractors. Powered by 15-18 ampere electric motor, these heavy duty core drilling machines can drill holes or openings of up to 8 inches. Drilling machines in this category typically comprise of a motor, a column or a post, base with anchor slot and a water cooling system.

The third category is larger core drilling machines. They are more robust and more powerful compared to other two categories. They are powered by an electrical or hydraulic motor. They have a 2-.7-3 inch base or column. As their name hints, these drills are used to make larger and deeper holes in heavily reinforced structures. They are also preferred when quite higher productivity is required.

Things To Know Before You Begin With Drilling Operation

In order to begin with core drilling, first you will need to choose the right drilling equipment based on your project needs. And this isn’t as easy task as it may seem to you. You need to take into account a plenty of things or information to make a right choice of drilling equipment. A few of the most essential factors that need to be considered are size of the opening (hole) needed, the accuracy grade, type of material to be cut, availability of water source at the job site and if there is any heavy reinforcement in the structure to be drilled.

You may also need to ensure the availability of all required accessories such as power supply, anchors, hammer drill, level and tape measure, a vacuum pump, electric cords, etc. before you begin with the core drilling operation.

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