Aug 2017
The Must-Know Tips for Concrete Cutting with Precision

Concrete cutting involves controlled drilling, sawing and the removal of concrete. Skilled workers have the expertise of cutting through the concrete with special saws accurately. Effective and precise concrete cuts can be achieved with the right planning, knowledge, expertise, and execution. Concrete cuts are essential for many projects and here are suggestions for ensuring your saw gives top-notch quality cuts.

Right Choice of Equipment

For effectively carrying out the task of concrete cutting choose your equipment correctly. Every task requires a particular type of saw. For instance, the wet saw provides the ability in controlling the dust and cleaning a cutting area for straight and small cuts. The diamond blades deliver sharp and clean cuts and are used for adding details. You can use the handheld cutting-edge saws for the purpose of flush cutting at the tight corners or on the embedded rebar.

Upkeep of Blades

In addition to the saws, the blade is equally important. A dull blade would fracture the cut and put extra heat and stress on the saw bringing about faster wearing out. Cuts made with dull blades would produce a lot of dust. If your project involves plenty of cuts, invest in the heavy-duty blades for avoiding constant replacement. For the smaller tasks, after watching the signs of tear and wear change the blades so that the quality of the cuts is not compromised.

Good Collection of Blades

An array of blades is available in the market, each with specific characteristics. For instance, you would need a diamond-coated blade for reinforced concrete cutting, but a wet blade works better against dust. Even though a single saw can be used for a project, various blades may be required on the basis of a specific cut. Thus, it is advisable to keep a host of blades handy for carrying out a project.
Assessing Buried Material in the Concrete
Before cutting a concrete it is essential to assess the different types of material, such as rebar, wiring or pipe that can be buried inside it. If you do not know the exact location of the materials, the only option is cutting through them, which you can accomplish with a saw equipped with the right blade.

Get the Timing Right

After acquiring the right equipment, blade and planning your cut, wait for the right time for achieving the top-quality cuts. There is a perfect time during the process of curing for obtaining the best cut and that is when the concrete is neither wet nor completely set. It is not easy to cut wet concrete, as it causes splitting and fraying. On the other hand, completely dry concrete fractures on the surface, when it is cut. In the case of a new slab, it is advised to cut the concrete that has hardened but only half cured. This permits straight cuts and smooth edges while generating minimal dust.

We can help you in obtaining top-grade quality cuts with the right equipment and expertise. We not only use the right blade and saw, but even plan our cuts accurately for achieving clean, effective and precise cuts.

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