Nov 2016
The Significance Of Stitch Drilling In Commercial & Industrial Projects

Stitch drilling is one of the most significant drilling techniques used by the contractors in residential, commercial and industrial projects. It’s actually a very unique and useful method of drilling holes or making openings in different types of walls or floors especially when other drilling techniques fail to meet your requirements. The implementation of stitch drilling remains highly important in the case of inaccessible areas.

In other words, when it comes to creating holes and slots of unlimited size and shape stitch drilling can prove to be the best option available to you. All those commercial and industrial projects which you cannot execute with the support of drilling techniques like diamond drilling can be easily accomplished by using stitch drilling. That means if diamond drilling fails to create certain types of openings and holes, you can use stitch drilling in its place. The limitations of diamond drilling are easily overpowered by the strengths of stitch drilling, therefore, you do not have to be worried about a particular task that cannot be performed by the former method.

Here’re are reasons why stitch drilling is considered superior that other similar techniques used in the industry

It’s Crucial For Creating Bigger Openings

Stitch drilling is a process and technique of creating a series of multiple overlapping holes or slots, which eventually helps in developing a huge opening. The holes created by diamond drilling experts cannot be bigger than 1500mm, as that’s the maximum size in which drill bits come. Hence, when it comes to developing holes bigger than 1500mm, it’s always better to use stitch drilling.

Stitch Drilling Is An Excellent Option For Confined Spaces

If you want to create openings in specific kinds of shapes like a curve in confined spaces you seriously cannot rely on any other technique than stitch drilling. When it comes to spaces with limited accessibility stitch drilling is considered as one of the most indispensable drilling techniques.

Thickness Of Walls Never Remains An Obstacle

Stitch drilling has the potential of cutting holes and shapes in the walls and floors of any thickness. That means no matter how thick your wall is, you can always create shapes and openings in it through this remarkable drilling technique.

It’s A Phenomenal Technique For Creating Smaller Openings

All the drilling techniques have their own limitations and advantages when it comes to developing either bigger openings or smaller openings. That means, some techniques can be favorable for creating bigger holes, whereas others can be considered beneficial for developing smaller openings. However, as far as stitch drilling is concerned it’s convenient for executing projects wherein you require to create both big and small holes.

It remains the best option among contractors, wherein they cannot use sawing.

It’s A Great Option For Projects Executed In Controlled Environment

If you are planning to execute a project in the controlled environment, wherein you need to keep the surroundings clean, it’s always better to take the support of stitch drilling. For example, you want to execute drilling projects in hospitals or schools, then you must go ahead with stitch drilling.

The above-mentioned points make it clear that stitch drilling has its own sacred place in the construction industry when it comes to drilling unique shapes and openings in walls and floors of any thickness.

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