Mar 2016
Top 10 Benefits of Choosing Diamond Track Sawing for Concrete Drilling

Diamond track sawing is primarily used to cut exact dimension of door, window and vent openings. Track saws can make accurate cuts more speedily and easily compared to other conventional saws. These saws feature a circular blade mounted on a track-based machine. Walls with steep leaning or floors that don’t allow floor saws or any other saws to cut through effectively can be cut using track saw machines.

However, there are several other reasons why concrete drilling specialists choose track saws over other concrete cutting tools available out there. Following are top 10 benefits, rather 10 key reasons, of choosing diamond track saws for concrete drilling and cutting jobs. Read on.

High Accuracy And Ease Concrete Cutting

Diamond track saws, unlike your traditional circular saws, have got a real straight edge with no blade guard. The design is such that it reduces the chances of blade pinching and kick-back. A track saw isn’t any rugged looking concrete drilling tool, but a nicely designed diamond saw which is capable of making accurate and smooth cuts.

You Never Miss The Track!

The rubber strips on the bottom of these diamond saws will never let your track slip. The stable track will save you time you would have spent for clamping during cutting operations. Have you performed concrete cutting with no clamps at all anytime before?

It Comes With a Dust Collector!

The track saw has a shroud which has two roles: enclosing the diamond blade and collecting the dust produced during the operation.

It Is Easy To Set-Up

There is no need of assumption or test cuts with the track saw. You can quickly align the track based on your marks and begin cutting. Believe me, you will never have to double check your cut with a diamond track saw.

It Makes a Perfect Choice For Confined Areas

Diamond track saw can smoothly make large cuts in confined spaces. Thus, it is commonly used for both indoor and outdoor concrete cutting jobs.

It Is Portable

Diamond sawing professionals find it easier to carry a track saw in their mobile vans or trucks. The portable design of track saws adds to their mobility and enables concrete cutting specialists to move the equipment from one job site to another easily.

It Allows Deep Cuts

Unlike other saws, track saws pose no restriction in setting up the angle and depth of the cut. You just have to align the track and start cutting. You are sure to get quality results.

It Makes Clean And Smooth Cuts

Whether it is masonry, concrete or any other material, track saws make clean cuts with absolutely smooth surface left post-cutting. If you are keen to have perfect cuts with the professional finish, diamond track sawing is a right choice.

It Gives First-Time Quality Cutting

Diamond track saws, when used right, ensure single-stage concrete cutting. Every single cut you make using a diamond track saw seems a well-finished cut, which don’t need repeat action. So, if you want to avoid re-cutting and have a perfect cut in the first time, opt for diamond track saw.

It Has a Potential To Make Super-Long Cuts

Diamond track saws are a powerful concrete cutting tool with great potential to make super-long and perfect straight cuts in minimal efforts.

Want to learn more about track saws and its applications? We’re just a call away!

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