Aug 2015
Top 5 Benefits of Remote Controlled Robot Demolition

Machines have changed the way we look at the construction industry. Whether we want to cut concrete using a diamond saw or a demolition using the brokk demolition technique, machines have made human life more manageable.  

Urbanisation continues to grow across the globe. The new building, infrastructure, and remodelling of old cities have continued to rise; this demands reliable, efficient, safe, and cost-effective construction equipment alongside it. Remote-controlled robot demolition has made the most difference in the construction industry. With the use of brokk demolition, human labour has become significantly safe. 

Demolition is generally one of the riskiest work areas in construction. Construction and demolition contractors across the UK face new challenges and new applications over time. Remote-controlled robot demolition is an innovative technology that experts have developed over time to ensure efficient and safe demolition in any delicate or restricted spaces.

These robotic machines have replaced human labour at demolition sites. And indeed, they can ensure more productivity with a consistent and faster work pace compared to human labours. However, this isn’t all these automated demotion robots have to offer! There are a plethora of other benefits that make them the best choice over traditional demolition techniques.

What Is Remote Controlled Robot Demolition?

Diamond drilling Kent provides Brokk demolition services, one of the leading methods of robotic demolition machines. It is a modern and convenient remote-controlled robot demolition method that the operator can remotely control with a compact machine from afar to perform the demolition work. Its hydraulic arm has an extended reach, and the attachments are changed per the project requirements. Generally, they run on batteries or have an electric power source. 

Here is a lowdown on the top 5 benefits of using remote-controlled robots for demolition projects.

  • They Are Powerful

When it comes to robotic demolition, Brokk demolition machines top the list. Although they are small compared to traditional machines, these robots can produce about five times more power and higher speed, crunching through any structure in no time! They are highly durable and robust.

  • They Are Ideal For Tighter Spaces

The second most significant benefit of choosing these advanced demolition robots is they are compact and thus make a perfect choice for tighter spaces. They are designed in a way they can easily walk through doorways. These robots can also undertake demolition work for high-storey locations.

  • They Address The Health And Safety Concerns

As these robots are operated from a remote distance, operators or labours are not required to work at a job site. Indeed, many health and safety benefits are associated with using remote-controlled robotic machinery for demolition projects. Some structures may get unstable while deconstruction work is carried out. Also, there is a risk of falling debris and other potential safety threats. But the advent of these avant-garde robotic machines has eliminated all such risks.

  • They Are Easy To Operate

Modern remote-controlled demolition machines are quite operator-friendly. They present a slight learning curve compared to their traditional counterparts. These robots mostly run on hydraulic or electric power sources, so they don’t produce fumes during operation.

  • They Are Environment-Friendly!

Using advanced demolition robots is a perfect solution to many environmental issues contractors have faced. They produce little to no noise and vibration while cracking through structures. They don’t produce harmful fumes. They are incredibly versatile to fit any complex demolition site condition. As they are operated remotely, they reduce accident risks considerably. Overall, they are the most environment-friendly choice for contractors and demolition professionals.

  • Versatile Equipment 

Robotic demolition does a beautiful job in underground work, making it a most versatile investment for the global mining industry. The machines appear small compared to conventional machines but are very powerful. The range of attachments allows it to carry out various tasks such as rock breaking, scaling, digging, and drilling. The three-arm system provides precision, while the hydraulic outrigger gives the robot stability during the procedure.

Whether it is efficiency, safety, productivity or quality of deconstruction work you are looking for, Brokk’s cutting-edge robotic machines ensure all, making it the ideal choice for your demolition needs. These automatic machines often have different attachments such as drop hammer, breaker, shear, and claw. They help you save a considerable amount of time and money.

Remote-controlled demolition robots are the ultimate choice when deconstruction work needs to be performed at underground shafts or in disaster sites. These robots are an urban approach to demolition needs.


With four decades of experience, CA Drillers provides excellent demolition services at a cost-effective price. Whether a small or a large-scale project, our team of experts ensure a superior quality controlled demolition with robotic machines. 

Robotic Demolition Provides :

  • Three arm system
  • Remote controlled operation
  • Demolition power
  • No fumes
  • Wide range of attachments
  • Heat resistant
  • Compact and manoeuvrable

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