May 2015
Top 6 Benefits of Using Diamond Drilling

Known as the most effective and efficient method of drilling, diamond drilling is used across many industries, mainly the construction sector. As one of the most secure and convenient methods for aperture drilling, diamond drilling technique can be used to make any diameter of hole through virtually any hard material including concrete and stone.

Though diamond drill bits deliver quite clean and accurate results, they are more easy-to-use and cost-effective compared to other drilling alternatives available in the marketplace. They make a superior alternative to other drill bits like carbide, high speed steel, etc. Another key advantage is that the diamond drilling equipment can be run with the help of a remote control and is operator-friendly.

The output received through this drilling method pertains to be of higher standard, posing virtually no risk of causing damage to the structure. Fitted with diamonds, the hardest material known, these drill bits can cut through most of the materials. If one needs to remove a huge cylindrical shape out of a hard material, these drill bits can be one’s top choice. A few easily remarkable advantages of using diamond drilling have been summed up here:

1. It can be used to drill through any hard material

With diamond drill bits, one can cut through tougher materials like stone and concrete with smoothness unimaginable with other sorts of drill bits. It performs the cuttings with immense strength, a yet the drill bits ensure a longer life-cycle.

2. Highly accurate outcomes are guaranteed

It is not uncommon to see construction sites littered with chips and dust, but if you use a diamond drill bit to cut through concrete, thick glass, bricks and stone, there is little debris and almost no dust produced during the operation.

3. Excellent drilling speed

Diamond drill bits can be used in almost any working condition with incredible speed – tearing through everything from concrete to marble. There are no chips and dust flying around. It’s a demonstration of speed and cleanliness woven together.

4. Diamond drilling is Noise-free!

Even when being used in the most difficult working conditions, diamond drilling causes no to very little noise, thus all the work can be conducted without disturbing other workers on the site. At times construction works ask for a lot of drilling, and doing it all with a minimal noise can be a huge benefit to those who spend almost all the work hours cutting and drilling through tough materials. In the diamond drilling process, it becomes possible to work with little noise but a lot of speed and efficacy. The equipment being portable and light weight, it can function in narrow spaces and even under water leaving smoother surfaces and finish quality after the job is done.

5. Cost-effective drilling too!

Since multiple layers of diamond are used in it, the equipment may sound more expensive, but lasting longer proves these drill bits cost effective in the long run.

6. Lastly, It is a green drilling technology

Having a dust free work environment is necessary to avoid many health hazards. This technology proves to be environmentally friendly as there is no concrete dust produced while drilling.

Want to learn more on-site benefits of using diamond drilling? Contact our diamond drilling specialists today!

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