Oct 2016
Top Benefits of Brokk's Robot Demolition Highlighted

What is Brokk Demolition

Brokk demolition is a remote-controlled robotic demolition technique which allows you deconstruct structures and buildings in the most effective and safest manner. These robotic demolition machines can easily reach out to areas that would have been difficult to access while using those traditional deconstruction techniques.

These remotely operated demolition robots come with many different attachments including loading buckets, hydraulic jaws and concrete milling heads that make them suitable for all types and sizes of demolition projects.

For over 4 decades, Brokk’s controlled demolition machineries have been most popular and most cutting-edge demolition tools in the industry. The next-generation demolition robots manufactured by Brokk Inc are used by demolition contractors from all across the world.

Why Choose Brokk’s Demolition Robots for Your Project

Today there are more than 5000 Brokk demolition machines that are used all across the globe. Brokk’s remote controlled demolition technique has become immensely popular amongst demolition contractors.

Here are top 5 benefits of choosing Brokk’s demolition robots

Ensures Safest Demolition

Brokk’s demolition robots are operated remotely thus they don’t pose any safety risk to the operators. Simply put, these machines can be operated from a remote distance, so labours and operators have no threat of physical injury and other mishap due to falling debris. This cutting edge demolition technique also prevents risk of health hazards in labour that could have occurred while using traditional hand-operated demolition machines.

Guaranteed Great Performance

Controlled demolition, whether large-scale or small-scale, is a challenging job. You need to have a really powerful and highly efficient machine to perform the job in most effective manner. And this is when Brokk’s demolition robots outshine all other demolition alternatives. Though compact in size, these machines are extremely powerful and capable of tearing apart any size of structure in minimal time. They work at a great speed, saving you a considerable amount of time.

Perfect for Space-Restricted Areas

Brokk controlled demolition robots are available a wide range of sizes. If the demolition site has restricted area that can pose challenge for larger machines to access the area, you just need to choose a right Brokk’s demolition machinery for the job. Besides, some demolition robots come with cool features like scaffolding that makes it easier for operators to make these robots reach on high-storey or difficult-to-access locations.

It’s the most environment-friendly demolition technique!

Some of the key characteristics of Brokk’s demolition robots are they don’t produce extreme noise, vibrations or toxic fumes while being operated. Due to minimal vibration, no damage is caused to adjacent structures during deconstruction. In short, Brokk’s controlled demolition robots perform deconstruction in the most environment-friendly manner.
Brokk’s remote controlled demolition machines are used for both residential and commercial demolition projects of all sizes. They not only tear down structures but also help with waste management at the job site, which considerably reduce the no. of labours needed for the project.

Shall you need to learn more about the different models of Brokk’s demolition machinery and their advantages, contact CA Drillers!

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