Sep 2015
Use of Diamond Wire Sawing

Diamond wire saws were launched decades ago, mainly to see stones in quarries. But today, these shows have become an inevitable part of the construction industry. When all other cutting methods fail due to the extremely large size of structure that needs to be cut or restricted site conditions, diamond wire sawing delivers the results.

Before we further go ahead discussing various cutting applications of diamond wire sawing, let’s get a brief idea of how diamond wire sawing works.

How it works

Diamond wire saw, as its name suggests, comprises of a wire embedded with diamond beads along its entire length. The item that needs to be covered is encircled by a diamond wire while being connected to an array of pulleys, which enable the operator to cut to desired depth or to any shape into the structure.

Use of Diamond Wire Sawing

Pulley arrangement can be adjusted to create opening in rectangular, circular or in any other shape. During this process, it is essential to use some lubricant or coolant which can help control the temperature of this concrete cutting system. Mainly flowing water source is used to prevent overheating scenario.

Diamond Wire Sawing Applications

Diamond wire sawing is commonly used for cutting structures with virtually any material including stone, masonry, reinforced concrete, rebar and steel embeds. It is one of the most precise, concrete cutting techniques we have today. Wire sawing is a preferred technique for cutting through steel pipes; it can be of great use of water companies.

Wire sawing is the best technique for removing extremely thick sections of heavily reinforced concrete or when awkward shape cutting is needed. Moreover, it can also be used to efficiently cut flush to existing walls. Wire sawing is a perfect alternative for some cutting applications where stitch drilling was the only choice at one time.

For sites with restricted access such as bridge deck, or in cutting through beams and columns, where higher depth and faster speed of cutting is a must, diamond wire sawing makes the best choice. With diamond wire saws the operators face very few to zero restrictions on the depth and size of the cut (or ‘section’ that needs to be cut out) required.

When the structure that needs cutting is located underwater, wire sawing tops the list. So, whether you need to cut vertically, horizontally or for any abnormal shape, wire sawing is the best solution. Diamond wire sawing is a highly versatile cutting methodology. The technique is also adopted by many controlled demolition services providers for cost-effective, safe and quick removal of large concrete structures.

Some key Benefits of Diamond Wire Sawing

  • Wire sawing is a non-percussive cutting technique which is highly flexible, fast and offers quality cut finish.
  • Unlike traditional saws, diamond wire saws produce minimal to zero noise while in use.
  • They are an accurate and dust-free concrete cutting methodology.
  • These saws need less remedial work.
  • Diamond wire sawing professionals can also undertake a concrete cutting job for a site located under water.
  • Wire saws can cut to any depth and size of the structure. Thus, they are opted over other cutting tools for complex concrete cutting projects.

While executing a wire sawing operation, the operator keeps an eye out to ensure wire doesn’t get cut due to over-tensioning and cutting is executed in a quality manner. If the need be, the operator readjusts the pulley arrangement. And these are a few of the many traits that distinguish best diamond wire sawing professionals like us, CA Drillers, from others in the marketplace.

Want to learn more about our diamond wire sawing services in London and surrounds? Give us a call today and our wire sawing expert should get back to you within 48 hours.

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