Jun 2021
What Is Diamond Drilling Used For?

Diamond drilling is one of the most versatile techniques across various industries. There are multiple reasons for this being the go-to for any project that requires drilling. The method is quite speedy which makes it a high production way to drill into varied materials like asphalt, stone, concrete and other masonry structures. Some other advantages include it being relatively noise-free, safe and leaving little to no impact of the drilling process on the employees. Adopting the diamond core drilling techniques diminishes the chances of fractures, spalling and does not transfer vibrations to the material being drilled.

A vast array of applications

Diamond drilling in London is used for multiple purposes. It is the chosen method especially when precise holes are required. The diamond drilling in Kent is also opted due to the versatility as the drill can be calibrated to cut holes of a huge range of depth and size. The flexibility of diamond drilling cannot be emphasized enough as it proves to be advantageous in small-scale as well as large-scale projects. The robust nature of the diamond core drill bit makes them ideal for extracting core samples from the harshest environments, overcoming the drawbacks of the other drill bits in the toughest conditions.

Uses of diamond drilling in the construction industry

  • Creating large openings for ducts or plumbing tunnels

Diamond drilling has simplified the task of construction professionals to a great extent. Since the drilling process can be done in a horizontal as well as vertical manner with the help of this drill bit it is quite suitable for operating in remote and restricted areas of the construction site. The drill can make holes as large as 1500mm in diameter.

  • Drilling small holes for wiring or piping

In a similar fashion, the size can be modified to precision for wiring in any construction project. Diamond drilling can accommodate making the appropriate size of holes. The strength of the diamond drill bit combined with tactful operation by the staff helps generate openings in the concrete for the installation of wires or pipes.

  • Forming holes for bolt placement

Create minute holes as the sophisticated diamond drilling equipment can drill holes as small as 8mm diameter in size. These are perfect for the placement of bolts in the most confined spaces without any hassle. There is little to no dust generated which prevents the process from being an occupational hazard for the operators. Diamond, being the hardest substance to drill with, makes it fairly simple to drill small holes in asphalt, concrete or any other material.

  • Large construction projects, such as subways

Another technique that has become relatively easy with the help of diamond drilling is that of bursting wherein precise pilot holes are required for hydraulic bursting and demolition of desired concrete, brick or stone surfaces. The diamond drill can efficiently cut through any piece of construction, irrespective of the depth or hardness of the concrete, leaving behind a smooth edge. Therefore carrying out large scale projects becomes extremely easy.

Uses in Core/mineral extraction for analysis purposes

With diamond core drilling, a pipe encrusted with industrial diamonds is used to drill through rock layers. A “core” of rock is left in the centre of the pipe, which is then recovered as a sample. This core can then be analyzed to determine more about its composition as well as the relationship between rock layers. A high rpm of 300 to 1200 is required for diamond core drilling, with weight and penetration constant to ensure that the core is not washed away.

Uses in drilling oil and gas well

The advances in technology have helped people improve the lifespan of these PDC drill bits that are made with a casting process in order to enhance the performance of the drill. The increased life span also paves the way for the industry to use rentals and save on the overall cost of the project. These drill bits are made specifically to minimize vibration and hence reduce the premature wear and slow drilling process.

Diamond drilling proves to be a very versatile technique

As you’ve read, diamond drilling is a very versatile methodology that can be implemented in various industries and areas of commerce. They make the entire project much simpler and efficient in terms of time, cost and technique. The diamond drill bits are known for their superior performance, lower cost-per-foot and increased rate of penetration.

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What is diamond drilling?

Diamond drilling is a core drilling technique used by professional contractors for creating precisely measured holes using rotary drills with diamond bits. Diamonds are the hardest natural materials and diamond drilling techniques are designed to use their rigorousness to pierce through concrete, metal, asphalt and other materials that are difficult to cut through otherwise.

How Diamond Drilling works?

In diamond drilling, a rotary drill with diamond bits is used to obtain precise and clean holes ranging from 8mm to 150mm. This drilling technique is usually implemented in the drilling of hard structures such as asphalt, metal concrete, etc.

What is diamond drilling used for?

Diamond drilling is used to create accurate and precise openings in rigid structures. It is used at construction sites and in renovation or partial demolition projects.

How diamond drilling works?

n diamond drilling, an operator uses a rotary drill mounted with industrial-grade diamonds to obtain clean and precise openings in concrete and other rigid structures. Diamond drills can be operated horizontally as well as in a vertical direction depending on the project requirement.

What does a diamond driller do?

A diamond driller is a trained professional who is skilled in operating special equipment such as diamond drills. They are proficient in creating precise openings on a building site or cutting through rough surfaces in a demolition project, using diamond drills.

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