Sep 2017
What You Must Know To Select the Right Diamond Drill

Various kinds of diamond drills are available in the market each with its own specialty. The user needs to understand the purpose of the drill and its effect on the performance. This blog intends to educate professional craftsmen, manufacturing engineers and researchers how to know and purchase the right drilling apparatus. It is important to understand the variables which play an important role in a successfully drilling a diamond. All diamond drills do not work properly under all conditions and one is likely to react differently from the other.

The Purpose Of Using Diamond Drills

Diamond is undoubtedly the hardest material on this planet. Its hardness allows it to work on all kinds of materials but what happens is that it grinds away in the process. It can drill a hole through any kind of material above the hardness amount of 40 and create smooth surfaces consistently. This is a convenient alternative to carbide and other varieties of drills which leave behind a sharp edge after the work is over.

Using Smart Cut Technology In Drills

For the best possible drilling, diamond drills with smart cut technology are now available. These are of high quality and also at affordable prices. Unfailingly fast drilling action and core bits that last long are the hallmarks of this new age drilling models. These leave behind a smooth and clean finish that is not possible with the conventional diamond drilling machines. The sintered core drills can bore a hole into any material with varied degree of hardness. The multiple diamond layers can really perform under aggressive conditions and are extremely durable. These are designed to offer consistent performance and extra long life. Research has shown that a diamond drill can last nearly 50 times more than 50 carbide ones put together.

Diamond Drills With Hybrid Bond

Other than the sintered metal bond there is also a new hybrid bond available which offers more cutting-edge precision. It brings together resin and metal bond so that the finish is extremely smooth with little or no chipping at all. It also brings with it better durability, consistency, aggressiveness and excellent performance. They require least amount of chipping and no added lapping, polish, or material processing. With the hybrid bond you can get the best finishing on fused silica, quartz, glass and other extra brittle materials. This drill can be comfortably used for both resin and metal bond materials which saves costs.

The drills with diamond core usually have a hollow tip and are excellent for drilling through an object. They drill very fast which saves time and effort. Even if they become heated while making holes the metal does not wear away.


If you are looking for the best quality drills then bank on the drills manufactured by CA Drillers because they produce all kinds of drills which help in improving the speed and performance of the drilling. Before selecting the products it is important to understand the features and which will be best suited for your products.

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