Aug 2021
Why Surface Preparation is Important Before Diamond Drilling?

There is an age-old saying, “failing to prepare is often equivalent to preparing to fail’. From education to the corporate world, this saying fits well with almost every setting across diverse industries, but it is predominantly attributable to the construction industry. 

In the construction industry, the tasks are complex, and more often than not, each project requires you to invest massive amounts of time and money. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain precision at every step of the construction process including the drilling processes. 

By preparing the surface in advance, you will ensure better outcomes from all the processes including diamond drilling, sewing, scabbing, magnetic drilling, etc. Along with the improved quality of work, you can make the job quicker and cleaner, and reduce the after-work significantly.   

Even though diamond drill bits are one of the strongest drilling equipment and are suitable for almost any type of construction material, they are not invulnerable to damage. Hence, along with enhancing the outcomes, a well-prepared site is essential for minimizing the damage caused to the equipment. The lesser the damage to your drilling equipment, the less effort you will need to put in during the process and cleaning after the drilling process. 

Our Diamond Drilling London experts have shared a few reasons why it is essential to prepare your drilling site in advance. By considering these recommendations and adequately preparing your residential or commercial site before our experts carry out the diamond drilling processes, you will be able to optimize the quality of the drilling work and ultimately improve the long-term durability of the structure. 

Read on to know why it is crucial to prepare your construction site before diamond drilling starts. 

Dust & Debris Can Lead Long Term Problems 

Dust is a significant cause of concern for construction projects that require diamond drilling of materials like concrete. Dust particles may seem insignificant, but they can cause severe damage to the environment and the workers on the construction site. Studies have shown that exposure to dust for long periods of time can be harmful to the eyes, causing skin diseases and threatening the respiratory system. 

While carrying out diamond drilling London projects, our experts at CA Drillers try to ensure that a minimal amount of dust is produced during the drilling process. However, even before commencing the work, dust and debris can be present on the construction site. This pre-existing dust can agitate the surface and negatively impact the drilling process. 

Make sure that you keep the drilling site clean and dust-free before the process begins. After all, nobody would want to spend their time cleaning the dust off the surfaces once the work is completed. 

Avoid Unnecessary Delays & Costs 

Every diamond drilling project is different, and the surface preparation requirements vary from project to project. For e.g., some jobs will require a dry surface while others require a moist texture. Therefore, the ideal thing for you is to speak to your diamond drilling company in London in advance and confirm the exact requirements with them. 

 Making the arrangements in advance may seem like a redundant process, but the work is often so simple that a single person can carry it out. Moreover, if you do not spare the time to make the checks in advance, it can interfere with the job and lead to costly delays. Therefore to prevent any delays and save valuable time and money, it is recommended to contact your service provider and make the necessary arrangements in advance. 

Decide Upon The Drill Motor 

We have mentioned in the above point that every construction site is different and requires diverse preparations. Similarly, every construction site will need different types of drilling motors. Advance preparations will help you determine which drill motor will be suitable for your project. 

There are three types of power formats for drilling motors, i.e., air, electric and hydraulic. In order to decide which one will be ideal for your requirements, you have to focus on two primary components. Firstly you will need to consider the type of power source available at the site. E.g., if you have an ample supply of electricity, it makes sense to use an electric drill motor. Next, you will have to consider the nature of your work environment, including allowable noise level, indoor Vs. outdoor setting etc.  

Concluding Thoughts 

At CA Drillers, we offer top-notch diamond drilling services for diverse construction projects. Before booking a diamond drilling project with us, feel free to contact our team and inquire about the surface preparation needs and requirements ahead of time. 

We will inform you about the obligations of both parties so that we can carry out the process seamlessly and save the time and effort of everyone involved. Contact us for further information about your drilling and cutting requirements. 


How Diamond Drilling works?

In diamond drilling, a rotary drill with diamond bits is used to obtain precise and clean holes ranging from 8mm to 150mm. This drilling technique is usually implemented in the drilling of hard structures such as asphalt, metal concrete, etc.

What is diamond drilling?

Diamond drilling is a core drilling technique used by professional contractors for creating precisely measured holes using rotary drills with diamond bits. Diamonds are the hardest natural materials and diamond drilling techniques are designed to use their rigorousness to pierce through concrete, metal, asphalt and other materials that are difficult to cut through otherwise.

What is diamond drilling used for?

Diamond drilling is used to create accurate and precise openings in rigid structures. It is used at construction sites and in renovation or partial demolition projects.

How diamond drilling works?

In diamond drilling, an operator uses a rotary drill mounted with industrial-grade diamonds to obtain clean and precise openings in concrete and other rigid structures. Diamond drills can be operated horizontally as well as in a vertical direction depending on the project requirement.

What does a diamond driller do?

A diamond driller is a trained professional who is skilled in operating special equipment such as diamond drills. They are proficient in creating precise openings on a building site or cutting through rough surfaces in a demolition project, using diamond drills.

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